The Missouri Department of Transportation advises motorists to limit travel beginning today and throughout the weekend as a series of winter storms will impact roads across the state.

Motorists are advised to avoid unnecessary travel today because of escalated snowfall rates that at times could reach one inch per hour across parts of Missouri.

Roads will be impacted and visibility will be reduced, especially during the lunchtime and evening commute.

“For your safety and the safety of our crews, we ask everyone to avoid unnecessary travel once the storm begins,” said Becky Allmeroth, MoDOT State Maintenance Engineer / Chief Safety and Operations Officer. “If you don’t have to travel, please stay off the roads.”

According to the National Weather Service, snow is expected most of the day. Total accumulations of two to four inches is forecast, with some locations getting even more snow. The storm will also bring sleet and freezing rain in the southern part of the state.

There is also the possibility of a light glazing of ice in the southern part of the state. A second round of snow is forecast for Saturday.

How MoDOT prioritizes plowing efforts:

MoDOT’s first priority is to return interstates and major roads to mostly clear driving conditions as soon as possible after a storm ends. MoDOT prioritizes the routes for plowing from highest volume roads to the lowest volume. Interstates are always first. All the remaining less-traveled roads will be plowed to allow for two-way traffic concentrating on hills, curves and intersections. These lower-volume roads will likely remain somewhat snow covered until the higher-volume roads are mostly clear. After a storm ends, crews continue to work on roads on a 24-hour response until these objective are met, monitoring slick spots overnight.

“To maximize our resources, MoDOT’s maintenance crews are deployed wherever they’re needed. If a winter storm hits one part of the state, crews from less-affected areas are ready to go,” Allmeroth said.