Many local residents are familiar with the story of Faith Major and her son Noah, one of the success stories coming out of the local Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC). Faith regularly shares her journey with others, detailing how she chose to have her son despite financial hardship.


Recently, Faith joined others from the Rolla PRC on a trip to Washington D.C. as part of their regular effort to speak with politicians regarding the pro-live and pro-choice movements.


Joseph Dalton from the Rolla PRC said the trip is made in order to provide context for those making the laws.


“The reason we do this is because in Washington D.C., the whole pro-life-pro-choice debate is just that, it’s an argument,” Dalton said. “They don’t have any reality to base it on.


Unlike the year before, Dalton said each of the politicians the team spoke to this time— including Vice President Mike Pence, were already on the pro-life side of the debate. However Dalton said this did not make the trip any less of a priority.


Part of the reason they still made an effort to explain their side, according to Dalton, is to show pro-life legislators the results of organizations like the PRC. In addition, they work to update politicians on different trends occurring in the world of birth control and birth resources.


For example, Dalton shared the prominent use of chemical drugs in clinics. Dalton said many abortions are currently be performed in a two-pill procedure, where a woman takes one pill to begin the process, and a second to finish it. In contrast, Dalton shared how centers like the PRC now have a method to reverse the effects of the first pill in this specific abortion process. This allows women to change their mind after taking the first pill. The reversal is not 100 percent effect, but has shown some success, according to Dalton.


“It’s kind of new to people,” he said.


In addition to sharing new data and Faith’s story, other women from different organizations shared their voices as well. One of the most valuable outcomes of meetings such as this, according to Dalton, is combating the claim that places such as the PRC care only about the baby, and not the mother. Dalton explained that the Rolla PRC spends tens of thousands of dollars on mothers like Faith, improving their lifestyle and helping them beyond the birth.


“She’s done it mostly by herself, but the reality is…we’re here for people,” he said.


PRC’s 2018 at a glance


- Total new clients served: 348

- Percentage of abortion minded clients: 75 percent

- Total “at risk” babies: 261

- 2018 success rate: 100 percent