A story in the Rolla Daily News Friday, Jan. 18 and in the online version of the RDN titled “The Centre continues to be challenged to break even” incorrectly reported the details presented at a recent Rolla City Council meeting on the subject of The Centre.

The correct statement should be: “A transfer was made from the Rec Centre’s reserve fund to the general fund.”, not the other way around. Operating transfers are made each year from the City’s 5 operating Funds (Sewer, Environmental Services, Parks, Rec Center and Street Funds) to the City’s General Fund to cover a portion of the cost of administration, finance, engineering, public safety, legal, etc.  Over the last 16 years, The Centre has transferred $1.5 million from the original park sales tax (reserve fund) to the City’s General Fund – an average of $94,000. 

At no time have City tax dollars from the General Fund been used to support The Centre.   

“We are appreciative of the council authorizing the transfer from the rec center reserve fund to cover the purchases of equipment, the transfer of monies from the rec center reserve fund back to the general fund, and the operating difference for the year,” said Parks and Recreation Director Floyd Jernigan.