Initially, in the 2017 to 2018 fiscal year, Rolla entered into an agreement with Hartmann US for sanitary sewer services at the Hartmann facility in Rolla.

The original sewer use agreement with Hartmann was for a period of one year, extendable up to one additional year if a mutual agreement was carried out between the city and Hartmann. The annual charge for the original contract service was $30,000.

A request for the city to consider an annual lump sum fee of $32,200 for extending the original agreement for one year was made by Rolla Public Works Director, Steve Hargis. The agreement would allow Hartmann to pay a lump sum annual fee to discharge effluent to the city’s sanitary sewer collection system based on estimated volume and characteristics for a limited period of time.

Through the agreement, Hartmann would be able to improve their volume measurement of water entering the city’s wastewater stream. Most of the water they use evaporates as part of the manufacturing process, and solely measuring their water usage does not fairly reflect the amount of water they discharge, said Hargis.

Hartmann would be required to participate in the city’s pretreatment program with the Department of Natural Resources that the city had suspended. The pretreatment program was postponed because the city had no industries that required pretreatment, said Hargis.

After the program was suspended, the city has been working with the Department of Natural Resources in establishing a new pretreatment program and should have it in place within the next few months, said Hargis.

“We negotiated a year contract, and we think what we are charging is equitable and fair. We increased it a little bit to adjust for the rate increase, and we are also going to do testing on their discharge water,” said Hargis during the first reading of the ordinance to extend the agreement with Hartmann on Jan. 7, 2019.

Hartmann would provide their own discharge water to the city’s plant, and through the contract, Hartmann agrees to continue monitoring and reporting the discharge characteristics through metering.

A flow meter at the Dilution Tank Overflow would be installed by Hartmann to measure both real-time flow and cumulative flows. The measurements would be reported monthly to the city, and the city would reserve the right to validate flow rates provided independently.

Hartmann would purchase and install a single bottle composite sampler at the site for periodic tests of BOD5, TSS and COD settleable solids, and the city agreed to test Hartmann’s samples at the laboratory located at Rolla's Southeast Wastewater Treatment Facility on a monthly basis.

The city would also test the samples at the Southeast Wastewater Treatment Facility at more frequent intervals if the city and Hartmann came to a mutual agreement, said Hargis.

Hartmann and Rolla entered into the initial agreement on Aug. 28, 2017 for sanitary sewer services at the Hartmann facility located at 3701 HyPoint Blvd. within the city’s incorporated limits.