The request for the Rolla City Council to approve a license agreement for the installation of an entrance sign in the right-of-way of 18th Street on the east side of McCutchen Drive was made by Mike Woessner of Saint Maria's, LLC.

The sign would be placed clear of the travel way of the proposed roundabout at 18th Street and McCutchen Drive, and set up near the east end of the island in the east leg of 18th Street, said Rolla Public Works Director, Steve Hargis.


The sign would be an entrance sign into the St. Maria’s Tatandra subdivision, since there are no other public access points, said Hargis, who recommended the council’s approval during the Rolla City Council’s first reading of the proposed ordinance on Jan. 7, 2019.


“This is going to allow the developer to put the sign in front of the development as he had planned to,” said Hargis. “The St. Maria’s sign would be placed in the island that will be going into this area off of the roundabout.”


Woessner will be maintaining the island’s landscaping as part of the agreement, said Hargis. And the license will transfer over to the Saint Maria’s Tatandra Home Owner’s Association when the association is established.


The request for the St. Maria’s Tatandra’s entrance sign to be placed on the right-of-way, subsequent to the city recently passing the sign ordinance, was questioned by council member Jim Williams.


“Why did we go through the sign ordinance where everybody can’t put signs on our right-of-way?” asked Williams.


In accordance with the sign ordinance and the existing regulations, a person isn’t allowed to put signage in the requested location; however, the sign ordinance's regulations are focusing on the temporary signage rather than permanent signage, said Rolla City Administrator John Butz.


“That’s the reason that this request is made. If the council approves the request then the council is granting a license or use of the right-of-way for the purposes of that private sign,” said Butz. “Normally a person wouldn’t be allowed to put a sign in the right-of-way there, with the exception of the license agreement.”


Permanent signage has been placed on the right-of-way prior to the request without the addition of a license agreement, said Hargis.


“Still we are going to be responsible, and if there are signs that are on the right-of-way that are that old, then they need to be removed,” said Williams.


The council noted that the license agreement didn’t have provisions regarding the quality of the sign, but the license agreement included a stipulation that the city can provide a 30-day notice to the developer, asking for the developer to take the sign down.


“I think the 30-day notice is more related to the case if the sign deteriorates. With the nature of this development, I don’t think a lousy sign is going to be put up there,” said Rolla Mayor Louis Magdits.