Ted and Kim Day have made the largest donation to the new Animal Shelter Project aside from the original donation from the late, Robert Eck.

Ted and Kim Day donated $50,000 in honor of their late mother Shirley Day.

The $50,000 donation is sponsorship for the adoption room planned at the new facility.  The donation was a three year pledge, and the attached check of $16,500 was the third and final installment. 

The four year campaign has raised approximately $650,000 towards a total project cost goal of $1.2 million.  

The Rolla Animal Shelter facility has served Rolla's community for over 40 years, and the building itself has numerous challenges. The current facility can no longer be patched together and still provide humane surroundings and care.

An opportunity had presented itself in 2017 as former resident, Eck, designated $441,000 to be used in the caring of animals, and the donation was a significant step toward funding the $1.2 million project, stated Rolla's City Administrator John Butz in 2017. 

The Rolla Animal Shelter takes donations of cat litter, leashes, collars and monetary items. Currently the shelter is in need of dry dog food.

Last year, the Rolla Animal Shelter took in 724 animals and numerous animals taken in were reported by the shelter as abandoned, neglected, lost and scared.

The animal shelter's mission is to allow for more resources and opportunities for adopting animals from the Rolla Animal Shelter and reduce the overall length of stay at the shelter that was built almost 45 years ago.

To learn more about the Rolla Animal Shelter visit: https://www.saverollaanimals.org