A property owner of an 8-plex on County Road 5030 just outside the Shady Oaks sewer district has approached the community regarding annexation of their property into the Shady Oaks sewer district.

The property owner is aware that they would be responsible for all costs associated with connecting the 8-plex to the Shady Oaks sewer system, said Rolla’s Director of Public Works, Steve Hargis. The Phelps County Commission and the Shady Oaks Chairman already stated they were in favor of the annexation.

Before Hargis proceeded with preparing the documents for the annexation resolution for the Phelps County Commission, Hargis requested direction from the Rolla City Council on Nov. 19.

The Phelps County Commission passed a resolution this year allowing the Shady Oaks sewer district to yield their management and maintenance to Rolla’s Municipal System. As part of the agreement, the Rolla City Council must agree to any expansions of the district boundaries in any of the sewer districts, said Hargis.

“I am acting as today as the sewer engineer for the district. I would approach the commission, and they would pass a resolution that would annex this property in,” said Hargis. “The property owner would be responsible for all of the costs to hook it up.”

The way the annexation takes place is the Phelps County Commission passes a resolution. The proposed tract to be annexed in is about 1,000 feet away from the existing boundary lines of the Shady Oak sewer district's existing facility that it would connect to, said Hargis.

The annexation would not be into the city of Rolla just the Shady Oaks sewer district. The property owner would have to run about 100 feet of line down into the manhole to connect to the existing facility, said Hargis.

As a result of this annexation, Hargis said, this could open up some other areas that could also connect to the sewer system.

“This will basically allow the sewer district to make more money. And part of the sewer agreement you have with the district, any expansions in their boundaries has to be approved by the city council, so what we are asking for tonight is a motion to proceed with the annexation. And we will bring back an amendment to the agreement that would add this area to that district,” said Hargis.

Rolla City Council member Brian Woolley said, in regards to the annexation, that every time the city of Rolla does this, the city is giving a disincentive to people to become a part of the city and to be annexed into the city of Rolla.

“We are providing semi-city services here, but they are not part of the city. That’s a problem. This one is not even connected to the city, it’s not even touching the city, and it’s not even touching the sewer district he wants to annex this in to. Where does this end?” asked Woolley.

Rolla’s Mayor Louis Magdits said if the property bordered on the city of Rolla he would be the first person to state the property should be coming into the city, but in this case, it was physically impossible.

The motion to proceed with discussions to annex the property into the Shady Oaks sewer district passed with three city council members not in favor of the annexation.

“If people want city services they should be a part of the city, and should pay property taxes in the city,” said Woolley. “Every time we do this we are giving less incentive for people to be annexed into the city.”