The city of Rolla issues around 1,200 business licenses and Rolla's businesses employ over 10,000 people. Collectively small business owners are the largest employer in the city of Rolla, said Rolla Mayor Louis Magdits at The Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting where Mayor Magdits presented a Small Business Saturday Proclamation.

Small Business Saturday is a national holiday held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities during one of the grandest shopping weekends of the year.

Mayor Magdits said, “When I am out, and about and someone gets on the topic of shopping locally there are seven things that I think of, and I say to them.

“These are our friends and our neighbors who invest their money and energy into operating Rolla small businesses.

“These are the people that employ many of us and provide us a paycheck.  

“These are the people who very often employ our teenagers and young adults giving them their first work experience.

“These are the people who are typically our civic leaders who take an active part in Rolla.

“These are the people who are there whenever an organization or group looks to fundraise for a myriad of causes and needs.

“These are the people who re-invest their hard-earned profits in Rolla and Phelps County, and do not export their dividends to other areas.”

Lastly, money spent locally on sales tax never leaves Rolla or Phelps County.

“So on behalf of the citizens we want to thank you very much for what you do,” concluded Mayor Magdits on Nov. 19 at 7th and Pine Street before the ribbon was cut in commemoration of Rolla’s small businesses.