Phelps County General Election Results. The Results for non-county positions and propositions: U.S Senate, U.S Rep., State Senate, State Rep., Supreme Court Judges, Propositions and Amendments will follow as a comparison of Phelps County to the overall 2018 State of Missouri General Election results.

The official results for the General Election are expected to be certified Nov. 30, according to Missouri Secretary of State John Ashcroft, yet looking at this year’s General Election turnout for the county on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and the turnout for the Phelps County General Election in 2016, a reflection of less voters taking to the polls in the county is seen. This year's General Election total voter turnout was 53.85 percent, while the General Election in 2016 saw a 65.43 percent total voter turnout for the county.   Phelps County Results: Precincts: 20 out of 21 reported Total Registered Voters: 28,907 Ballots Cast: 15,567 Total Voter Turnout: 53.85 percent   Phelps County Clerk Pam Grow explained, “Federal ballots were not run, which comprise the missing 21st precinct. These are ones that we only have in single-digit numbers, at this point, and for military personnel who register after the deadline and are serving overseas. “Or for intrastate new voters -- voters moving from one election authority’s jurisdiction into our county after the deadline to register to vote-- Oct. 10, 2018 in this case -- when they were already Missouri registered voters in their previous county.  These will be done in the next couple days before we certify. “We have to wait until noon the Friday after any given election, at least, because we are to wait for military and overseas ballots at least that long.  So we were thinking about how to process these few ballots (I think we have 5 at this point), and we decided to wait to see if any more would come in. “So, the summary report for 20 precincts out of 21-- which includes almost 1,200 absentees -- will not be changed with respect to outcome by those few ballots, I don’t believe. “It’s still unofficial at this point.”   Phelps County Results continued:   Recorder of Deeds Robin Kordes (R) Votes: 10,922 Percent: 72.80 Liz Sperry (D) Votes: 4,066 Percent: 27.10 City of Rolla Prop S YES: 4,196 Percent: 80.74 NO: 1,001 Percent: 19.26 Proposition Life Safety / St. James Ambulance District YES: 1,278 Percent: 40.35 NO: 1,889 Percent: 59.65   State Sen. 16th District Justin Brown (R) Votes: 9,636 Percent: 62.86 Ryan Dillon (D) Votes: 5,659 Percent: 36.91   State Rep. 62nd District Tom Hurst (R) Votes: 1,338 Percent: 77.39 Ashley Fajkowski (D) Votes: 391 Percent: 22.61   State Rep. 120th District Jason Chipman (R) Votes: 3,527 Percent: 72.26 Theresa Schmitt (D) Votes: 1,346 Percent: 27.58   State Rep. 121st District      Don Mayhew (R) Votes: 4,892 Percent: 63.71 percent Matt Heltz (D) Votes: 2,766 Percent: 36.02   U.S. Rep. 8th District Jason Smith (R) Votes: 10,555 Percent: 68.73 Kathy Ellis (D) Votes: 4,508 Percent: 29.35  United States Senator Josh Hawley (R) Votes: 9,718       Percent: 62.90 Claire McCaskill (D) Votes: 5,154                 Percent: 33.36   State Auditor Saundra McDowell (R) Votes: 8,765 Percent: 57.77 Nicole Galloway (D) Votes: 5,634 Percent: 37.14   Constitutional Amendment 1 YES: 8,342 Percent: 58.08 NO: 6,021 Percent: 41.92   Constitutional Amendment 2 YES: 8,677 Percent: 59.39 NO: 5,932 Percent: 40.61   Constitutional Amendment 3 YES: 4,229 Percent: 27.81 NO: 10,977 Percent: 72.19   Constitutional Amendment 4 YES: 7,760 Percent: 53.36 NO: 6,782 Percent: 46.64   Proposition B YES: 8,085 Percent: 53.29 NO: 7,087 Percent: 46.71   Proposition C YES: 6,005 Percent: 39.85 NO: 9,063 Percent: 60.15   Proposition D YES: 6,670 Percent: 44.01 NO: 8,485 Percent: 55.99   MO Supreme Court Judge Powell YES: 9,597 Percent: 72.69 NO: 3,606 Percent: 27.31   MO Supreme Court Judge Russell YES: 9,496 Percent: 71.91 NO: 3,710 Percent: 28.09   MO Court of Appeals Southern/Bates YES: 9,314 Percent: 71.17 NO: 3,773 Percent: 28.83