"Two or three years ago I missed winning $300,000. This must be my consolation prize," Mondloch said.

Paul Mondloch was a frequent Club Keno player a few years ago. He said it had been a while since he last played, but he decided to try his luck again and play a 9-spot ticket at the American Legion, 484 St. Robert Outer Road, in St. Robert. It paid off big when he won $62,500.

"Two or three years ago I missed winning $300,000. This must be my consolation prize," laughed the St. Robert resident.

Mondloch is planning to save his prize money and retire next year.

To play Club Keno<http://www.molottery.com/club_keno/club_keno.shtm>, players can choose how many different numbers (also called "spots") they want to play from 1 to 10. Twenty numbers from a field of one to 80 are chosen in a computerized random Club Keno drawing held every four minutes.  To learn more about Club Keno or any of the Missouri Lottery games, visit MOLottery.com.

About the Missouri Lottery

In 1984, more than 70 percent of Missouri voters approved a lottery. Currently, the Lottery is the sixth-largest source of state income. Since sales started in 1986, the Missouri Lottery has generated more than $6 billion for the state and public education, and annual Lottery proceeds make up approximately 4 percent of the state's funding for public education. Lottery players have won more than $14 billion in prizes, and retailers have earned more than $1.35 billion in commissions. Each year, the Lottery generates more than $286 million for vital education programs, including A+ scholarships. When you play the Missouri Lottery, you Play It Forward!