Over the weekend, Missouri University of Science and Technology officials were notified of anti-Semitic symbols language being spray-painted on university property. In response, Interim Chancellor Christopher G. Maples released several statements.

“These repulsive, deeply offensive words and symbols stand in direct opposition to our values as a university and to our principles of mutual respect and civility,” Maples wrote as part of his response, published online. “There is no place at Missouri S&T for such bigotry and hatred.” 


Maples encouraged members of what he described as the “university community,” affected by the incident to contact the campus counseling services. 


“We are in the education business, and that education extends beyond our classrooms. We are entrusted by parents, families and society to provide an outstanding education experience for our students,” he said. 


Maples added that while the university supports freedom of expression by students, staff and faculty, the university community must uphold “the principles of inclusion, respect and civility,” to ensure the students can comfortably thrive and learn at Missouri S&T. 


“We will always foster a welcoming and inclusive environment that supports the student experiences and learning,” he said. 


According to Maples, the university is investigated the incident. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the University Police at 573-341-4300 or email police@mst.edu. Individuals may also reported an incident online, and can do so anonymously if they desire. 


“Remember that if you ever witness or experience hostile, intimidating, threatening or harassing behavior, you have support here at Missouri S&T,” Maples said.