Shaw stabbed his 63-year-old grandmother once in the chest area. The incident occurred at 810 Hospital Road, Waynesville.

A Waynesville man’s bond is set at $2 million after stabbing his grandmother.

Keaven Shaw, 26, of Waynesville, was charged with first degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action.

Shaw stabbed his 63-year-old grandmother once in the chest area with an approximately eight-inch-long blade. The incident occurred at 810 Hospital Road, Waynesville.

According to court documents, Shaw woke up his grandparents by standing over their bed and waving his arms around and talking. Shaw’s grandfather reportedly kicked in Shaw’s direction and told him to get out of the room. Shaw left.

The victim and the victim’s husband reportedly got up, made coffee and sat on the sofa. The victim went to the kitchen to get another cup of coffee and later found Shaw lying on his bedroom floor. The victim allegedly asked Shaw why he was on the floor, but did not hear a response.

The victim sat back down on the sofa.

Shaw reportedly later stood in front of the victim with a knife and stabbed her once in the chest. Shaw laid the knife on the couch and began walking around and talking.

The victim’s husband called 911 and attempted to stop the bleeding.

Shaw was arrested outside the residence. When he was arrested, Shaw was reportedly “talking fast and not being coherent.”

According to court documents, “When asked who stabbed her, Shaw stated, ‘It was like a dream or something and my eyes popped open or something, it was weird.’”

Shaw reportedly gave verbal  consent to a search of his bedroom after he was read the Miranda Warning. Officers found and seized two small plastic bags of residue, an aluminum foil with a burn mark, an aluminum foil with crystal substance and tooter straws used to ingest controlled substance. The crystal substance tested positive for methamphetamine. The detective sergeant recovered the knife for evidence.

Shaw invoked his rights before the detective could interview him.

Shaw’s bond is set at $2 million dollars cash only. He remains in custody at the Pulaski County Jail in lieu of posting bond.