Is Missouri ready?

Before voting on the three Medical Marijuana initiatives that are on the November ballot, spend an evening learning about the three, in order to make a personal decision prior to voting. The three initiatives are: 
            - Amendment 2, supported by New Approach Missouri
            - Amendment 3, supported by Find the Cures, and
            - Proposition C, supported by Missourians for Patient Care.
Each of the three initiative groups has been invited to present their amendment or proposition. Community leaders, local law enforcement, state and local politicians, and the general public are invited to listen and to discuss how these initiatives may affect their community.  The event isWednesday, September 26, 2018; from 5pm to 8pm; at the Pulaski County Courthouse. The address is: 301 Rte 66, Waynesville, Missouri.  There is no cost to attend.