The Waynesville boys’ soccer had a difficult game when they hosted the Union Wildcats on Tuesday Sept. 4. The Tigers fought hard though this challenging game ending the night with a 2-1 loss.

Waynesville and Union started the game with consists attempts from several players to get a goal. With the strong defense from Waynesville it allows the team to hold off Union’s offense. The first half came to an end with both teams sealed in a scoreless deadlock.

The second half was an intense, but with the help of several crosses made by David Havlin of Waynesville allow the Tigers to make numerous attempts for a goal. Finally 7 minutes into the second half Ronin Straatmann from Union scored the first point of the night. Even with the single point lead form Union the Tiger continued to put pressure on the opposing team. Within the second half the Tigers had a few penalties, but were able to overcome them. The second goal of the game was made by Isaac Boboc of Union mid-way through the second half. Union was able to preserve that lead for the remainder of the half and hold on to a 2-0 win over the Tigers.

The Junior Varsity team won their game against the Wildcats 11-2

“A couple of things I asked them to think about is that we let the ball bounce a lot, instead of get the first touch on it, Said  Head Coach Mike Armstrong. “ Just because it didn’t bounce our way we can’t just leave it up to chance we got to make it happen.”

Next game is an away game for both JV and V hosted by Willard sept. 6.