A whopping 95 percent of Americans own a cellphone of some kind, and the portion of Americans who own smartphones is now 77 percent. A substantial increase from the 35 percent in Pew Research Center's first survey of smartphone ownership conducted in 2011.

Today one in five adults across the U.S. use the internet solely through their smartphone, instead of owning and using home broadband services, while in 2013 a mere 10 percent of adults used the internet purely through their smartphone.


The statistics represent the new digital frontier of Americans using smartphones for their day to day lives, and to meet the needs of the community in the present digital era, The Centre, Rolla’s Health and Recreation Complex has implemented a free app: Rolla Parks and Recreation.


The app is designed to inform and help individuals in achieving their fitness goals, and members can set goals directly within the app, according to Director of Parks and Recreation at The Centre, Floyd Jernigan.


“We want to provide fitness for everyone in the community, to help individuals work at a rate that fits them,” said Jernigan, and through the app, individuals create regiments personalized to work with their schedule, as well as a means to interact with friends and accompany them in achieving their health aspirations.


In an effort, to save members time during the busy week, fitness classes and their descriptions are listed in the app, along with the scheduled times. This creates an advantage for people who don’t have time to pick up a paper pamphlet since now they have immediate access to the variety of classes The Centre provides such as Zumba, Yoga 101 or Thai Chi.


The app also gives members the opportunity to shop for classes and sign up for courses that interest them directly from their phone. People can now record their workout as well, said Jernigan.


So during that much-needed break, a swift tap on the phone and now a Live Fit Cycling class has been scheduled for the evening without the need to visit, call or email The Centre to sign up for a class; offering convenience to people’s rich and varied schedules. And deals are included through the app for workouts at The Centre.


The personalized app conjointly has a payment option, where a member’s payment details are securely saved, and all one has to do is register for the class and confirm the time, helping alleviate the dreaded misplacement of a wallet. Further, a person has the advantage of canceling a course if their schedule has changed.


“Our goal is to enhance our region's quality of life by promoting health and wellness for all ages and fitness levels,” and through modern technology, The Centre has allotted people the advantage of making it easier to fulfill their wellness related goals.


A recent study “Mobile Exercise Apps and Increased Leisure Time Exercise Activity: A Moderated Mediation Analysis of the Role of Self-Efficacy and Barriers” published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research gives The Centre’s app scientific credibility.


The objective of the research was to examine whether the use of exercise apps are associated with increased levels of exercise and improved health outcomes.


According to the research, participants who used fitness apps were more active compared to nonusers and past users. Nearly 75 percent of current app users reported being more active compared to fewer than half of non-users and previous users of fitness apps.


The study’s authors also found that exercise app users are more likely to exercise during their leisure time fulfilling the role that The Centre’s app is designed to accomplish. The study concluded that fitness apps help users overcome barriers, resulting in a lower body mass index.


The findings tie into other vital features the app offers—a personal motivator, food recommendations, and the app includes workouts from reputable sources, providing more or less a downloadable personal trainer.


One article The Centre provided regarded Olympic athletes’ and their fitness regiments including what they ate while preparing and competing in the exclusive national sporting event, according to Jernigan.


The app is designed to notify users of the articles, and they can read them instantaneously from their phone acquiring knowledge on how to live a healthy lifestyle.


“Our core belief is everybody is here for the same journey just in different places. It’s challenging. It’s tough. We are here to help people on that journey through support,” said Jernigan.


The Centre’s application, Rolla Parks and Recreation, can be downloaded on any smartphone device.

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