The voters spoke and here are the results

Phelps County voters select three county seats in Republican Primary Election

Precincts counted of (21):  21     100%

Total Registered Voters: 28,532

Total Ballots Cast: 9,467

Voter Turnout Total: 33.18%


Associate Circuit Judge Division - 1 and Probate

Name    Votes    Pct.       

Kenneth G. Clayton:        3,126     45.62% 

Matthew Crowell:               808     11.79%

James T. Crump:             2,919     42.59%


County Clerk

Name    Votes    Pct.       

Pamela K. Grow                3,574     53.31%

Lorri Thurman                   3,130     46.69%


Collector of Revenue

Name    Votes    Pct.       

Faith Barnes                     3,834     56.81%

Lori Daharsh                     2,915     43.19%


Position Opposition for November General Election

Recorder of Deeds

(R) Robin Kordes (i)

(D) Liz Sperry


Positions With No Opposition in the Primary Election

Phelps County Treasurer

(R) Carol Green

Phelps County Prosecuting Attorney

(R) Brendon Fox

Circuit Clerk 

(R) Sue Brown

Phelps County Presiding Commissioner

(D) Randy Verkamp

Circuit Judge-Circuit 25 Division 1

(R) Bill Hickle

Associate Circuit Judge 2

(R) Mark Calvert


Missouri Primary Election State Offices


Statewide Missouri results

100% Precincts Reported

Republican for United States Senator

Name    Votes    Pct.       

Josh Hawley                    389,006                 58.6%

Tony Monetti                     64,718                   9.8%

Austin Peterson                 54,810                   8.3%

Kristi Nichols                     49,554                   7.5%

Christina Smith                 34,948                    5.3%

*Below 5% not shown


Phelps County results

100% Precincts Reported

Republican for United States Senator

Name    Votes    Pct.

Josh Hawley                       3,933                      59.29%

Austin Peterson                     493                        7.43%

Kristi Nichols                         465                        7.01%

Tony Monetti                         442                        6.66%

Christina Smith                      420                        6.33%

*Below 5% not shown


Statewide Missouri results

100% Precincts Reported

U.S Senate

Democrat for United States Senator

Name    Votes    Pct.

Claire McCaskill                 500,162               82.6%   

Carla Wright                       40,917                 6.8%


Phelps County Results

Democrat for United States Senator

Name    Votes    Pct.

Claire McCaskill                 1,764                    86.94%

Carla Wright                          81                      3.99%



Statewide Missouri results

100% Precincts Reported

State Auditor

Republican for State Auditor

Name    Votes    

Saundra McDowell                192,814

David Wasinger                    158,071

Kevin M. Roach                      43,745



Phelps County Results

State Auditor

Republican State Auditor

Name    Votes    Pct.

Saundra McDowell           1,870     31.05%

Kevin M. Roach               1,786     29.65%

David Wasinger               1,478     24.69%


Democrat State Auditor

Nicole Galloway unopposed


Phelps County Primary Results by Districts (Exclusively Phelps County results)


Republican State Senator 16th District

Name    Votes    Pct.       

Justin Dan Brown             3,133     44.38%

Keith Frederick                 2,832     40.12%

Diane Franklin                   1,094    15.50%



Democrat State Senator 16th District

Ryan Dillon                           unopposed



Republican State Rep. 62nd District

Tom Hurst                             unopposed

Democrat State Rep. 62nd District

Ashley D. Fajkowski             unopposed



Republican State Rep. 120st District

Jason Chipman                  unopposed

Democrat State Rep. 120st District

Theresa Schmitt                unopposed



Republican State Rep. 121st District

Name    Votes    Pct.

Matt Miller                  1,349                45.31%

Don Mayhew              1,175               39.47%

Bruce Goodrich             453               15.22%

Democrat State Rep. 121st District

Matt Heltz           unopposed


District Positions with No Opposition in the Primary Election

Republican State Rep. 142nd District

Robert Ross       


Missouri Proposition A “Right to Work”

Statewide Missouri results

3228 of 3228 precincts reporting (100.0%) • More than 50% needed to pass measure

Name    Votes    Pct.

Yes - For the measure                 452,075     32.5%

No - Against the measure            937,241     67.5%


Phelps County results

100% Precincts Reported

Proposition A

Name    Votes    Pct.

Yes - For the measure                 4,066     44.96%

No - Against the measure            4,978     55.04%