The Newburg High School principal is facing a number of charges following an investigation by the Phelps County Sheriff's Department (PCSD) into allegations of kidnapping, assault and stealing in an incident involving a Newburg student.

Wayne B. Juliano, of Iberia, is charged with third-degree kidnapping, fourth-degree assault, and stealing that stems from an occurrence the 50-year-old principal had with a student that was called to his office on January 12, 2018, according to the probable cause statement.

Initially, on January 12, a deputy responded to Newburg High School in reference to a call about an “out of control student” by a Newburg High School faculty member, according to the investigation’s probable cause statement. When the student had arrived at the principal’s office, she was reported as being disrespectful to the faculty member, and Juliano had then intervened, and the student reported that he proceeded to restrain her and assault her, not allowing her to leave the office.

The incident initially was not investigated due to the allegations deemed as unsubstantial by the school district and within board policy and in compliance of school policy after the case had been reported anonymously to the Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Division, which was then referred to the Missouri Department of Social Services Children’s Out-of-Home Investigations, according to the statement.

Wanting to pursue criminal charges the student and her mother requested an independent investigation on March 15, 2018, by the PCSD for the alleged assault wherein the inquiry the student reported that Juliano had placed her in a wrist restraint along with “requesting staff present to video record the incident, call 911, and to take notes.”

During the investigation, the student reported to the PCSD that after demanding to know why she was called to Juliano’s office and trying to leave, Juliano stepped in front of her and told her she was not permitted to leave. She had then asserted she had to go to work, but “Mr. Juliano would not move from the doorway after many demands.”

Juliano then allegedly told the staff present to record her on video and take notes while he placed her in a wrist restraint after she had “threatened to break the plastic door,” in an effort to get away from Juliano. According to the statement, she yelled that he was hurting her, and for him to “take his hands off of her, and to let her leave.”

Following the dismissal bell, the student tried to leave again, but Juliano allegedly held her to the ground, forcefully took her backpack from her hands—keeping it. She then fled the building followed by Newburg R-II School District personnel and the deputy who responded to the call.

The student was then reportedly restrained by the deputy on the ground, and she then proceeded to Newburg Superintendent Lynne Reed’s office, where an ambulance was called to the school by Juliano for the student. 

Following the incident, Juliano failed to show up for an interview concerning the incident on May 17, 2018, while at least 14 witnesses were interviewed during the investigation, whose accounts varied.

Newburg R-II School District provided a video recording of a portion of the reported incident that reflected facts from the students statements to the PCSD.

Superintendent Reed stated that Juliano is currently on paid leave. He has an arraignment scheduled at the Phelps County Courthouse for Sept. 18, 2018.