A specialty salsa made from a melon synapsis with summer and cultivated by the Ancient Egyptians was a refreshing find while drinking in the heat of summer on the blistering Saturday afternoon at the farmers market.

Under the awning of Jeff Spoon’s booth, where he and his wife, Melissa, are referred to as the hot duo, due to their jellies and salsas that will leave any connoisseur of spice reaching for milk, was their noteworthy -- watermelon salsa.  

The pair has been making salsas and jellies for 15 years and formulating their watermelon salsa for 20 years.

“We started giving them away to family, and they said you need to go to the farmers market to sell it, and we took their suggestion,” said Jeff. Then one day the two thought ‘let’s put peppers in jelly,’ and the idea was brought to fruition and became a success.

The salsas and jellies range from low on the heat-scale with ‘Toasted Mustard Relish’ to sweltering using ghost peppers in their homemade ‘Ghost Dill Relish.’

Then there is the watermelon salsa that is sweet and tangy with hints of tomato and onions all served within the shell of the watermelon. And the watermelon salsa is a creation that came about after a game of disc golf where the temperature climbed to 103 degrees.

“It was a killer tournament, and it was a duel. We played in one round in the morning and one round in the afternoon, and we were dying,” said Jeff. He then explained that the man running the tournament gave them a delicious mystery refreshment in a massive bowl that he was shocked when he found out what the mystery delight was.

“About 30 minutes went by, and he comes walking up and goes, ‘you guys like the watermelon salsa huh,’ and I’m like that is what is in there. I couldn’t tell. I don’t eat watermelon, and I don’t like watermelon. Now, I sit here and eat this the whole time. It’s different,” said Jeff.