The community is urged to voice their opinions on the projects identified in the Move Rolla Strategy that was initially presented to voters in the Move Rolla Transportation Development District (TDD) tax boundary and approved by the district voters early last year.

The public meeting, held July 11 at The Centre, provided the latest information on each of the improvement projects and new concepts to consider.

The TDD projects include Bishop Avenue/ U.S. 63 improvements, the University Drive Pedestrian Bridge over I-44, Highway 72 extensions and improving Kingshighway.

Bishop Avenue/ U.S. 63 Improvements

Currently, there are three design concepts for the Bishop Avenue/U.S. 63 improvements. Andrew Potthast, Senior Project Manager at HNTB, discussed the designs for the project.

“We conducted a prior study, and we are looking at and analyzing all intersections and improvements,” said Potthast, who noted that the objective of the project is to turn Bishop Avenue into a modern main street for the community.

The improvements are intended to bring an appealing aesthetic by enhancing access management strategies, key intersections, pedestrian signal timing and signage and information systems.

This would conceivably reduce unappealing clutter along with decreasing the speed of vehicles curtailing related conflicts, which would improve the pedestrian and bicycle environment of the county.

The improvements could include a “road diet” by having one travel lane in each direction with a center turn lane including portions of medians. The vacated lane would be repurposed to a separated bike lane and sidewalk.

Other concepts on the table would include crosswalks, access and entry points, and tasteful treatments that are in uniform with the image of the Missouri University of Science and Technology 2017 Master Plan.

The University Drive Pedestrian Bridge over I-44:

The bridge has been identified as a priority project by the Move TDD program due to the growing student body at Missouri S&T where an abundance of students live north of I-44. The state-of-the-art bridge would connect the sidewalk on University Drive to White Columns Drive north of the interchange adjoining university housing.

The purpose of the new bridge crossing is to provide pedestrians a multi-use path that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act compliance standards, plus a safer alternative that isn't an eyesore. Also, ease of the Missouri Route E Interchange Bridge would consist of a new 10-foot bicycle and pedestrian overpass.

Overall the predicted outcome would provide a secure route to school by foot or by other means of travel.

Highway 72 Extension Project Update

Construction is already underway and is scheduled to be open to traffic by November 2018. The extension will provide an alternative route to relieve traffic on Kingshighway and U.S. 63.

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