The Phelps County Senior Companions program celebrated 42 years with a Mexican fiesta luncheon. ON Wednesday, June 20 at the Phelps County Courthouse, senior companions were recognized for the hard work they put in throughout the year as well as the passion they bring to the service.

Among the many volunteers was Frances Martinkus, who is the third volunteer to have accomplished 25 years of service. When she started volunteering the individual had to be 60 to join the program. The age has since changed to 55. 


Tina Pridgeon, Director of the Auxiliary and Volunteer Program kicked off the afternoon with a “Mucho Gracias” welcome to volunteers for their self sacrifice and dedication to their neighbors and clients, as well as for enriching and helping them maintain independence. 


Lunch was catered by “Trés Senoras Locas,” the Senior Companion staff, and included chimichanga casserole with shredded lettuce served with virgin lemonade margaritas and cake. Door prizes included table decorations. 


Entertainment was provided by New Blades of Grass, which included Senior Companion Carolyn Price, her husband Dewayne Price and Bill Pilliard. 


The Phelps County Senior Companions program is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service and sponsored by the Phelps County Commission. Companions are healthy, older adults who assist other elderly citizens in day-to-day activities and help them maintain autonomy while providing a level of friendship, and of course, companionship. The current director of the Phelps County Senior Companions program is Jan Wiggins.