Rolla Public Works Department is currently smoke testing their sanitary sewer lines to try to find leaks.

This is the third time the department has gone through the entire city to smoke test the system in an effort to tighten up the sewage system, according to City Engineer and Director, Steve Hargis.

“We have been making a lot of improvements the past 15 years, which is the last time we fixed the big problems,” said Hargis. “We are checking to make sure everything is fixed.”

Rolla Public Works has found a few leaks so far.

Concurrently, sometimes the sewer gas gets into people’s homes, explained Hargis. As a result, “It’s good to know if your plumbing is not vented properly.”

The testing will continue on and off throughout the next three summers.

"It is the best time for smoke testing because it is hot and dry," stated Hargis.