Police arrested three individuals following an incident on June 4. Earl Briggs, age 27 of St. James, Stephen J. Wood, age 24 of Cuba and Asherdee E. Thom, age 26 of St. James were charged with burglary, as well as trespassing and property damage.

On June 4, at approximately 6:30 p.m., a St. James police officer was dispatched to a residence on Washington Street for a report of a burglary. When they arrived, the officer spoke to the female resident, who stated, according to the police report, that when she arrived home she observed three subjects, one female and two males, in her apartment. 


The resident told the officer she recognized one of the males as Earl D. Briggs, according to the probable cause statement, and asked the other two subjects who they were and why they were in her apartment. According to the officer’s report, the other two subjects were later identified as Asherdee E. Thom and Stephen J. Wood. 


According to the probable cause statement, Thom stated they were friends of another individual. When asked to leave, Wood left out the front door while the other two allegedly climbed out of a bedroom window onto the roof, leaving from there. 


The resident told the officer the back door had been forcibly entered, according to the probable cause statement, and she noticed the latch and lock for the door was attached to the doorframe while the door was standing open. The screw holes, where the lock used to be screwed into, were damaged as if someone had forcibly removed the screws, according to the probable cause statement. The report said it appeared as if the damage was done “in a quick manner, like kicking the door open.” 


When investigated the house, the officer saw items packed in bags and laundry baskets, consisting of male and female clothes, as well as jewelry and other items, according to the probable cause statement. The resident allegedly told the officer she was not currently staying in the apartment, but had been there the previous night, and none of the items had been packed. She told the officer the locks had been secured. 


According to the probable cause statement, Thom stated she and Wood stayed at the apartment on the night of June 2 and 3, she allegedly stated she, Wood and Briggs went back to the apartment at about 6:30 p.m. on the 4, kicking the back door in to gain entry. 


According the officer’s report, Thom stated she “knew that they were not supposed to be at the apartment, since they had to kick the door in.” 


Briggs stated, according to the probable cause statement, that he arrived at the residence because Wood and Thom had asked him to. He allegedly stated he “did not know” Thom and Wood were not allowed in the apartment. 


Briggs was charged with burglary and property damage; Wood and Thom were given the same charges, with an additional charge of trespassing.