The Crocker Lions hosted the Newburg Wolves in a great 4th grade baseball matchup. The Wolves were able to comeback and win the close game 9-8.

The Newburg Wolves began the game by scoring one in the top of the first inning. The Lions were able to pick up the batting and scored four runs of their own. Crocker led 4-1 after the first inning finished.

Newburg began the second inning with a hit that would later help the Wolves score two runs in the top of the second inning. That moved them within one run of the Lions. The Crocker bats were once again on a hitting streak and scored four more of their own to extend their lead to 8-3 after two innings.

The Wolves had a good mid inning talk and it translated to six run scored in the top of the third inning. That gave them a 9-8 lead going into the final half inning. The Lions were able to get a couple batters on base but were unable to cross the plate.

The Newburg Boys were able to pull off the win with the score of 9-8 in the game.