The Phelps County Commission has approved a 30-day extension for the completion of the renovation for the old county jail.

What it is?
The jail is designed for the less troublesome inmates and will not house federal inmates. There will be “more of our local prisoners there,” according to Phelps County District 1 Commissioner, Larry Stratman. The jail will include 60 beds and will be state-of-the-art intended to free up space at the Phelps County jail.

What is happening now?
The contractors were given an additional 30 days to complete the renovation due to a change order, which has shifted the completion of the old Phelps County jail renovation to Sept. 10, 2018. Originally the jail was required to be completed in 210 days, or fines would ensue with completion at a later date. The revised contract increased the cost for the renovation to $2,113,144 from the original $2,033,604.

How is it financed?
The renovation is financed through the asset forfeiture money garnered from drug interdictions mostly on interstates, according to Phelps County District 2 Commissioner, Gary Hicks. Under federal law, no conviction necessary when seizing assets in Missouri.