A St. James man was arrested after allegedly raping a female victim. Aaron Christopher Weems, age 24, is charged with rape in the second degree.

On June 3, at approximately 3:00 in the morning, an officer was dispatched to a residence in St. James for a sex offense. According to the probable cause statement, the officer had been advised a female had been raped, and contacted the victim upon arrival. 


The victim stated she was at a residence located on West Washington Street with friends, where they had been “socially consuming alcohol,” according to the probable cause statement. She told the officer a subject she knew only as “Aaron” had been flirting with her for the majority of the night. She explained to the officer Aaron had been touching throughout the night, in several places despite her telling him to stop. 


When she went to lay down to go to sleep, according to the probable cause statement, Aaron entered the same room and laid down in the same bed as her. 


According to the probable cause statement, the victim attempted to get out of the bed, but Aaron “grabbed her left arm and pulled her back down,” and attempted to kiss her. The victim tried to push him away, but was unable to. 


Aaron allegedly began to pull her clothes off, and she continued to try and get away from him. According to the probable cause statement, he continued to force himself upon her for approximately 10 minutes. The victim explained she cried out during the assault, repeatedly saying “Stop, you’re hurting,” to Aaron. When the assault was over, Aaron exited the room, leaving the victim by herself. 


During the interview with the victim, the officer did not believe her to be impaired from intoxicants, based on his training and experience, according to the probable cause statement, and she was taken to the Phelps County Regional Medical Center for an evaluation. 


The male subject, Aaron, was later identified as Aaron Christopher Weems. According to the probable cause statement, contact was made with him by the officer, who read Weems his Miranda rights. The officer reported that Weems stated he and the victim both “laid down together in his bed,” and the encounter was consensual. 


However the officer reported that during the interview Weems’ story of the incident changed several times. The officer could also smell a “moderate odor of intoxicants,” coming from Weems. 


According to the probable cause statement, a witness at the scene stated she heard crying in the room where Weems and the victim had been, and stated they had responded to the room, but Weems had left it before they entered. 


Weems allegedly stated he had spoken to the witness in the living room, however the witness denied this, according to the probable cause statement. They told the officer Weems had never entered the room where they had been. The witness also told the officer that when they entered the room where the incident allegedly took place, she found the victim wrapped in a blanket, naked and crying. 


Weems was arrested at approximately 5:36 a.m. on June 3. His preliminary case hearing is scheduled for today, June 8 at 9:00 a.m.