Meet reporter,Corbin Kottmann, for The Rolla Daily News.

Where were you born?

Washington, Missouri.

Who had the most significant influence on you during your childhood?

My family, they’re still my largest influence today, especially my parents.

Where did you go to high school and college?

I went to high school at Washington High, and began my college career at East Central College before moving onto Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. I’m currently attending school online at Lindenwood University in order to achieve my master’s degree.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

My original career path was music. I’m a trained singer, and I still try to find opportunities to perform when I can, whether in large or small ensembles.

What drew you to Rolla?

The challenge of living and working as a journalist somewhere new, while still being able to live near my family. I’ve stayed because of the people, and the relationships I’ve made.

When did you start at The Rolla Daily News?

November of 2017.

How did you get into your career path, and why?

I knew I wanted to write for a living, and I wasn’t going to let myself stay in a cubicle all day. Like I said above, the reason I’ve stayed on this career path is the relationship I’ve developed with so many people and organizations here in town like our police force and schools. Being able to share what they do is what makes my job worth it.

What was a life-defining moment that shaped you into the person you are today?

I remember the moment I decided I was going to pursue writing as a career. I was researching an author for a literature project and found an interview where they were talking about their thoughts behind their writing. I remember saying to myself, “That’s just how I think.” That was when I realized becoming a writer wasn’t an unobtainable goal, so I started working toward it. The author was Jhumpa Lahiri, and I’d recommend her book of short stories. They make you a better person.

Who or what is your favorite musician or song?

Stevie Nicks' "Dreams." On Repeat.

What are your hobbies or passions?

Thanks to working here I’ve been able to practice my photography quite a bit and have really fell in love with it. I love doing portrait photography, and am starting to put myself out there to help clients with engagement and senior pictures. I also love cooking but I’m not as great at sharing that hobby. I write outside of work as well; I’ve written one novel and am working on a second.

Where is your favorite place and why?

Anywhere by the water. I’m normally not a big outdoors person but I love staring at a river or a lake; I find it relaxing. Otherwise a library or a bookstore. Being surrounded by books always makes me happy.

What is your treasured restaurant and what meal?

If you haven’t been to Aldo’s in Washington and eaten their pizza you need to stop reading this and do so now.

What cause are you most passionate about?

Education. I believe any problem can be solved through critical thinking and it’s the most important skill an individual can have. Our schools, all the way from Kindergarten to higher education, are our most valuable resource and need to be supported.