The City of Rolla Fire & Rescue recently announced the results of a recent audit conducted through a Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey by Insurance Services Office (ISO).

As a result of the survey, the City of Rolla Fire & Rescue will receive a Class 2 rating effective August 1, 2018.  This is an improvement from the Class 3 rating received in 2005. 


ISO is an independent company that serves insurance companies, communities, fire departments, insurance regulators, and others by providing information about risk.  ISO collected information from the City of Rolla Fire & Rescue, Central Communications, and Rolla Municipal Utilities (Water System).  The data is analyzed and an ISO class is assigned ranging from Class 1 representing an exemplary fire suppression program to a Class 10 indicating the department’s fire suppression program does not meet ISO’s minimum criteria.


The City of Rolla Fire & Rescue will be one of 37 fire departments in Missouri with this Class 2 rating.  St. Louis, Kansas City, and Pattonville Fire Departments are the only three Class 1 rated departments in Missouri.  With this rating improvement, the City of Rolla Fire & Rescue will be among the top 2% of the 1,600 rated departments within Missouri.  


“The City of Rolla can be proud of our Class 2 rating” Rolla Fire Chief Ron Smith said.  “The City of Rolla Fire & Rescue improved as a result of the City’s commitment to providing excellent fire protection through staffing, equipment, infrastructure, risk reduction, and training.” He also added, “the department continues to excel as a result of the dedication and tireless effort of our personnel.   This team of personnel respond at all hours of the day, to emergencies ranging from fire alarms sounding, structure fires, and critical motor vehicle accidents.”      


Due to the reclassification the Citizens of Rolla may see a decrease in their residential or commercial property insurance premiums depending on their insurance carriers.  In addition, when existing industry looks to expand or new industry considers the City of Rolla as their home, a major consideration is the ISO rating of the fire department.  This improvement will reflect greatly on the community and the fire service, drawing additional commercial businesses and industry into the community resulting in increased economic activity.  


“We know we have an outstanding Fire Department under the leadership of Chief Ron Smith, Asst. Chief Jeff Breen and with the dedication and hard work of all of our Fire personnel but having that confirmed by ISO with the improvement to a Class 2 Department is outstanding!” said City Administrator John Butz.