Phelps County is celebrating law enforcement. To recognize the brave men and women keeping our towns safe, we will be publishing profiles on the officers new to their respective departments.

Dakota Robertson, St. James Police Department Patrol Officer    


1)   How long have you been with your department?


I have been with the department for approximately 6 months. I started in December of 2017 as a Reserve Police Officer and began full time on May 9th, 2018.



2) What initially made you want to join? 


I initially developed an interest in Law Enforcement because my mother is a police officer with the Rolla Police Department. I rode along with her and other officers on several occasions. 


I joined the St. James Police Department because I knew several of the officers prior to joining the police department. The officers are great people and treat everyone with great respect. The department is also heavily involved in community policing, which I believe is essential in Law Enforcement today.



3) How has your time been since joining your department?


I have enjoyed every minute being here. I’m always meeting new people, and every day is different. I look forward to going to work every day and I could not see myself being happier in any other career.



4) What do you enjoy most about your job or the department you work with? 


That’s a hard decision to make. I would have to say my favorite part of this job is the extra events I get to do with the community, the community has shown a great deal of respect for our agency making it an honor to work for them. I also enjoy coming to work every day and working alongside the other officers in this department. This department has a family environment to it.



5) What challenges have you overcome during your time on the force?       


That’s also a difficult question. Every day there are new challenges to overcome. 


I recently watched a video where the speaker, Associate Justice William W. Bedsworth, Fourth District Court of Appeal said that the amount of education and reeducation police officers must have every day is staggering. He goes on to say that being a police officer requires more daily re-education than a doctor or lawyer ever needs to do their job. There’s a lot to learn in law enforcement and in any one shift an officer may be placing on several different hats. I think it is extremely challenging as a new officer to learn all the different aspects of the job.



6) What are you looking forward to the most?


I look forward to further working with the public. I enjoy signing up for our Tip A Cop events, and our Torch Run events. I look forward to getting to further know the people in our community, not just as a police officer, but also as a person. 



7) What do you want the community to know about yourself as an officer?


I am a compassionate person and can empathize with people. I enjoy the career I have chosen and look forward to coming to work every day.