After being arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly operating a motor vehicle with an excessive blood alcohol limit, Missouri State Senate candidate Ryan Dillon has issued a statement apologizing and asking for forgiveness.

Dillon is running as a Democrat in the November general election for District 16.He is the only Democrat running for the position currently held by Sen. Dan Brown, R-Rolla. 

Dillon,  33, of Rolla, was taken into custody on May 5 by the St. James Police Department after being stopped and failing a sobriety test. 

According to court documents, Dillon tested over two times the legal blood alcohol limit of .08.  He was pulled over in St. James after exiting 1-44 onto North Jefferson Street. The BAC charge is listed as a first offense.  

According to the probable cause statement, the arresting officer reported observed a red Ford Escape SUV exiting I-44 and merging to travel south onto North Jefferson Street. The officer said he witnessed the vehicle  “veer so far to the right that it almost struck the concrete curbing.”  The vehicle allegedly continued to swerve several more times, again almost striking a curb. 

After following the vehicle, the arresting officer pulled the vehicle over. When approaching the driver, identified as Ryan Dillon, the officer immediately noticed the “strong odor of intoxicants,” coming from the vehicle, according to the probable cause statement. 

In the report, Dillon allegedly told the officer he had only consumed two beers, and had stopped drinking an hour prior to the stop. The officer said in his report that Dillon’s eyes were “red and watery,” and his speech was “moderately slurred,” according to the probably cause statement.

Dillon complied with the officers request to exit the vehicle, and the officer reported he observed Dillon “swaying heavily from side to side,” as he walked. The officer utilized what he described in his report as a “preliminary breath test device,” and obtained a preliminary breath sample from Dillon. 

According to the probable cause statement, the sample tested positive for the presence of alcohol at a level “significantly above the legal limit.” 

Dillon was arrested and transported to the police department, where he was given his Miranda rights and interviewed, according to the officer’s report. Another breath sample was obtained from Dillon, showing his Blood Alcohol Content to be .168, more than double the legal limit. 

Dillon was booked into the police department and released. His next court date is scheduled for June 19. 

In a statement released after the incident, Dillon said. “In life, we strive for perfection. The reality is, we are all human and we all make mistakes.

I have made a mistake that I want to be transparent, honest, and open about. Earlier this month, I made the decision to drive home when I should not have. Upon being pulled over, I fully cooperated with law enforcement and was cited for my blood alcohol content. I want to thank the officers for their professionalism and their service.

To say that I am extremely disappointed in myself is an understatement. As the grandson of a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper, I grew up understanding the difference between right and wrong. I know better and I sincerely apologize for my mistake.

I am a human who believes in second chances. Today, I ask for your forgiveness and a second chance. I can't change what happened, but I can control what I do today. And what I do tomorrow. And in the future.

I will continue to fight for progress, because I believe tomorrow can be better than today. I will continue to work to build people up, strengthen our communities, and make Missouri a better place to live and work.”