A visit to the farmers market offers up a wide variety of locally grown and homemade products that will appeal to even the most discerning shopper.

The Downtown Rolla Farmers Market opened Saturday, April 7 and has garnered terrific turnouts since because of the variety of locally grown and home-made products from Phelps County residents.

Anna McClellan’s passion led her to become part of the farmers market 25 years ago. After noticing downtown Rolla wasn’t getting the benefits the farmers market has to offer, McClellan expanded the market and moved to downtown Rolla as a means to help the community, especially the elderly in having easy access to healthy produce.

The Rolla market has specific bylaws that state every vendor must grow or make their products, according to one of the many vendors, Patrick Jenkins, who owns Good Steward Farm with his wife and offers many products including fresh homemade pepper jack goat cheese.

“We raise Nubians, and Nubians are the least gamey tasting of all the goats,” said Jenkins who wanted to be a part of the farmers market because of the direct communication he has with his customers, and the loyalty built with the community when selling good top quality products.

There were 55 vendors Saturday, May 12 stated Sakhon Coble of Buck Fever Farms, LLC, who has been a part of numerous farmers markets in Phelps County for 15 years. 

The many vendors allows for an assortment of delicious produce such as homemade jams and jellies, Kombucha, fresh lettuce, local honey and even Chaga. 

According to the majority of the vendors on Tuesday, May 15 tomatoes are the most popular item sold at the market, yet the weather this year has made the season for tomatoes set for late July.

To be a part of the Downtown Rolla Farmer’s Market all one has to do is contact Anna McClellan, and fees are $5 daily on Saturdays and Tuesdays, and for $20 a vendor can reserve a spot with no daily payment.

To reserve a spot both Tuesday and Saturday costs $40. 

"We had the whole parking lot full on Saturday, and are expecting the same thing this Saturday, said Jenkins.

The Downtown Rolla Farmers Market is located at 901 N. Elm St. , and is open 7 a.m. to Noon Tuesdays and Saturdays.