The Coalition to Salute America’s Hero (CSAH) will be hosting a fundraiser this weekend at Bow and Barrel in St. Robert this weekend to raise money for their Heroes Thanking Heroes program.

The program provides part-time, flexible employment to veterans in transition. According to the coalition, this work involves the veteran making calls from their home to thank donors for their contributions to the coalition. The program also gives basic job training, helping veterans earn skills to be put towards other jobs in the future.

According to Lacey Mullen, CSAH organizer, along with Ashlee Williams, Nicole Alexander and their husbands Antonio, JD and Tim, the fundraiser is meant not only to raise awareness for the coalition and Heroes Thanking Heroes, but also simply to show support for local veterans. According to the group, the majority of staff at the coalition is either a veteran or a veteran’s spouse.

The fundraiser will take place at the Bow and Barrel Sportsman Center in St. Robert this Saturday, May 12, and will last from noon to 4:00 p.m.. The family friendly event will feature a fish fry, raffle and door prizes.