The Rolla Police Department reported what they described as “an interesting case,” after surveillance camera footage highlighted a pickpocketing incident at Aldi.

“We rarely see this type of crime,” the department said in a social media post. 

    According to them, the suspects visited Aldi on April 2, where one victim, “had her wallet stolen from a purse that was sitting in a cart. A second victim had her wallet stolen directly out of her coat while she was wearing it. 

    The suspects then allegedly drove east on 1-44 and stopped at the Wal-Mart in Cuba, and a Dollar General in Bourbon. After there, according to the department, they disappeared. 

    The two suspects, caught on video, are described as an african american male and female. The male suspect was wearing blue jeans, a gray button-up shirt and black hat, according to the footage, and the female suspect is wearing a black long-sleeve zip-up and purple toned leggings.

    “If you recognize the suspects, then please let us know immediately,” said the department. According to Detective Meyer, there is also the promise of a free lunch should anyone come forward with information. 

    Detective Meyer also confirmed the video showed one of the suspects reaching into a victim’s pocket and removing their wallet while she was facing away, and again reaching into a purse and removing another wallet. There was also video footage of both suspects using the stolen credit and debit cards at the other businesses listed above. 

    “On a side note,’ Detective Meyers added via social media. “Do not commit crimes at Aldi. they have an awesome video system.”