A full house greeted the cast of Fine Linens’ “Fiddler on the Roof” on their opening night, and the audience was treated to the high quality performance for which the local community theatre team is known. The hard work of their cast and crew not only met expectations, they exceeded them.
    The moment the lights rise on the stage, where a  backdrop is lovingly painted to recreate both sunrise and sunset, the show casts its spell on the audience with a few musical notes from the show’s titular fiddler, playing their instrument on the roof, a part of the show but also existing somewhere else entirely.
    We’re introduced to the “Papas” and the “Mamas” of the small, poor town of Anatevka in the early 1900’s, along with their many customs which Fine Linen has recreated through their costuming and careful choreography. The cast constructs the image of a community that may struggle, but finds comfort in their day-to-day traditions.
    The show zeros in on the leading Papa, Tevye, played by Lanin Thomasma. Tevye serves as the character constantly ensuring the audience has the context to understand the importance of what happens throughout the story, and Thomasma accomplishes the difficult task of making a tired, hard working man with a full family seem like a fun part to play. He walks the fine balance between comedy and severity, meaning he brings his character to life in the most human way.
    He is foiled by his wife Golde, played by Clara Marie Tupper, and his five daughters, Tzeitel, Hodel, Chava, Shprintze and Bielke, played by Cristina St. Pierre, Margaret Hamacher, Savannah Feeler, Havalah Nail and Abigail Emmett. While the sheer number of family members might seem overwhelming, audience members will have no trouble remembering these characters, as their acting and musical talent shine through individually.  
Fine Linens’ production of “Fiddler on the Roof” many other talented cast members; so many it would be impossible to describe each other unique talents in a single article. Needless to say, if you make the time to see the show, you’ll be rewarded whenever you look at any character on the stage, and the enthusiasm they bring to the story. Despite being a large crowd of characters, every one of them stands out.
This is especially true in the dance numbers, where everyone is busy. Fine Linen has always featured excellent choreography, but reaches new technical heights in this production. At a certain point, audience members might find themselves holding their breaths. During opening night, loud cheers could be heard from the audience after several numbers.
To avoid potential spoilers, just know that the bottles are real, and so is the fun you’ll have watching this show’s choreography, along with every other portion of the event.
As with all their shows, Fine Linen finds the deeper themes of the show, reminding us of life’s struggles and showing us how to overcome them. “Fiddler on the Roof,” despite occurring over a century ago in another country, speaks to us about what it means to be human, and above all, reminds us that family is the most important tradition of all.
Tickets for the show are available for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings until the 28th, along with a matinee on Saturdays. Tickets can be purchased at the box office, or if you would like to ensure your seating, through Fine Linen’s website. No matter which showtime you find yourself attending, you’re certain to enjoy the production.