The Missouri State Highway Patrol, Rotary Club of Rolla and our local Boy Scouts came together at Rolla Middle School recently to preemptively do some good work in honor of Arbor Day, which is April 27. On Friday, April 6, members from these organizations, along with representatives from the school, such as Principal Monica Davis, to plant trees outside the building.
Rotary International wanted to do something for the environment in honor of the holiday, according to MSHP Lieutenant Steve Davis. Their to plant one tree for every rotary member, equallying 64 trees for Rolla. Some of these will be at the MSHP patrol headquarters, with the rest planted outside of the middle school.
According to Lieutenant Davis, it was the Boy Scouts who secured the trees, and he thanked not only them, but for the others who made the planting possible.
“We would like to thank our Principal of Rolla Middle School, Dr. Monica Davis,” he said. “The buildings and grounds personnel we would like to thank. They took the time to make sure we placed these trees in good areas...the environment is going to do better.
According to Lieutenant Davis, the trees chosen for planting are Red Oak Trees and Hackberry Trees, which attracts birds.
“These are all native trees from Missouri from the Georgia White National Forest,” he said.
According to Rotary Director of International Service Bob Montgomery, the trees were donated by Georgia White National Forest to the Boy Scouts, and are free as long as the scouts are planting them.
Rolla’s Rotary Chapter President Ernest Kost spoke about the event, and offered his own thanks to the scouts.
“I thank all of you for being here,” he said to the assembled crowd. “Our goal on the international Rotarian level was for each Rotarian to plant a tree. We in turn brought that goal to our local level...we thank the boy scouts for helping us with that, thank you all for being here.”
Rotary International, according to their website, is the world’s first service club organization and is in 196 countries and geographical areas. Our local chapter carries their goal of building the quality of life in the community, and has a priority on education and supporting young adults. It’s members strive to volunteer their time to exemplify the Rotary motto, “Service above self.”