General Municipal Election April 3 things to know
Contenders for 16th District State Senate, Aug. 7, 2018 Election

General Municipal Election April 3 things to know 

State Senator for 16th District will be voted on in the Aug. 7, 2018 Primary Election

Voter turnout:

April General Municipal Elections from 2007 through 2017 have varied from a low of 6.19 percent turnout--last spring-- to a high of 20.41 percent--2015, according to Phelps County Clerk Pamela Grow.

Phelps County has 25,169 active registered voters, meaning their addresses are active in the system, and we have them registered at an address that does not return mail to us. There are 2,780 inactive voters, who we have address issues with, according to Grow

The polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April, 3.

Phelps County voters are required to have photo identification for the first time at the April 3, 2018 election, after it became effective June 1, 2017.

Special School Bonds on the April 3, 2018 Ballot.

Dixon R-1 School District Missouri Proposition K.I.D.S (Keep Improving Dixon Schools)

St. James R-1 School District Proposition K.I.D.S (Keep Improving District Schools)

St. James superintendent, Dr. Merlyn Johnson, provides a detailed response to better understand Special School Bonds, and why St. James R-1 School District Proposition K.I.D.S is beneficial:

“Assuming a successful election, the general obligation bonds that would be issued would be backed by the full faith and credit of the district, stated Johnson. "The 'full faith and credit of the district' means that the district is legally obligated to ensure enough revenues are generated to pay the principal and interest on the bonds until they are fully repaid."

The district's 90 cents debt service fund levy is the revenue source used to repay the bonds, and the 90 cents debt service fund levy will be taxed on "residential, commercial, personal and agricultural property based upon the assessed valuation of each of those types of property."

Johnson added, "Based upon the district’s current assessed valuation of $12.4 million the 90 cents debt service fund levy will generate adequate funds to repay the bonds.

However, if the district’s assessed valuation were to decrease substantially, which is not expected to happen, then an adjustment to the debt service levy would be needed in order to generate enough money to repay the bonds.”

According to architect, Brandon Dake, of Dake Bells Architecture, who has inspected every facet of St. James school district:

The current building is deteriorating, and it probably doesn't have more than 10 years left before it needs to be taken down.

The school district's buildings are already out of date to the Americans with Disabilities Act and other code issues; moreover, the moisture is going to continue to infiltrate and deteriorate things to the point where maintenance dollars won't cut it anymore.

It's going to become structural issues, and it will be too far gone.

If this bond is passed it will renovate the school building and re-set it’s life -- for another 50 years.

State Senator – 16th District will be voted on in the Aug. 7, 2018 Primary Election.


R: Keith Frederick, Incumbent House of Representatives for District 121 since elected in 2010.

R: Justin Dan Brown, Rolla, Mo.; son of the current Mayor Dan Brown, a self confessed "staunch conservative that will fight to protect life."

R: Diane Franklin, Camdenton, Mo.; Currently serves as the State Rep. for Missouri's 123rd House District and is the Chairman of the House Children and Families Committee, elected to the House of Representatives in 2010.Member of the National Rifle Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, Camdenton Kiwanis Club, Sunrise Beach-Laurie Rotary Club and the Missouri Farm Bureau.


D: Ryan Dillon, St. James, Mo.; graduated Rolla High School, and worked with JoAnn Emerson (R-MO) and Russ Carnahan (D-MO) to write and introduce the first stand-alone epilepsy awareness legislation in the U.S. Member of the Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri, and is member of the Missouri State Teachers Association, the Human Rights Campaign and Missouri Association of State Troopers Emergency Relief Society.