After arriving home from vacation, Eclipse Books and Comics owner, Robert Hobart, was wakened by a call from the Rolla police this morning, telling him someone had broken into his store on North Pine Street between midnight and 5 a.m, stealing an estimated $2,000 worth of Magic the Gathering collectible cards, according to Hobart.

A man was jogging by the book and comic store when he saw the double insulated door smashed from the outside, and "whacked pretty good," by possibly a hammer, stated Hobart.

"This was someone who specifically knew what they were after because that was literally all they took," said Hobart. "They didn't touch anything else, which is why the police have certain suspects because that is not the first time this kind of thing has happened, in the area," said Hobart.

There was an estimated 600 cards in the binders, and Hobart is putting together a list of the high-end cards, so the police can ask around the community if people have seen certain Magic of the Gathering cards.

With no current estimate on how much the new door will cost, Hobart relayed that he was thinking about security, since this is the second time the store has been robbed.

"The first time we installed a safe because they grabbed the cash drawer and ran, and now we lock up the money every night," said Hobart. "Now that it has happened, we might put something in, but I am still processing everything; still, I am leaning that way because if you can show the police the footage they can deal with them a lot faster."