Each year, the St. Pat’s celebration is entirely organized by a group of hardworking Missouri S&T students, collectively making up the St. Pat’s Board. This year the board is led by Board President Bradey Kluesner.

An Iowa native, Kluesner said he hadn’t seen a St. Pat’s celebration prior to arriving at Missouri S&T, but knew he wanted to be involved with the celebration after hearing about it around campus. And when he found himself unable to continue running cross-country, he said he wanted to join an organization that would not only fill his time, but accomplish something worthwhile for the community.

“While I was running I would see people with green jackets on campus and why they were wearing them and what they meant. Now that I’ve gone through the organization, I know [they] mean so much,” he said. “I take it [the position of President] with so much respect and pride, being a part of this organization.”

Kluesner also discussed the efforts the rest of the board puts in to make the annual celebration possible.

At the end of every St Pat’s celebration there is a brief vacation, about two or three weeks, before new members are welcomed into the board, according to Kluesner.

“Once that happens, they are working year round to put on the event. They’ll put in many hours a week,” said Kluesner.

This year’s St. Pat’s Board has 39 students, according to Kluesner, 24 of them holding positions. The remaining 15 students are new members, who are brought on to see the amount of work that goes into the celebration, and to decide if they want to run a committee the following year. Kluesner said within the past few years, the committee has grown in numbers.

There are 29 committees that make up the board currently, and Kluesner said things have run smoothly this year.

“The rest of the board has been great this year,” he said. “They’ve been on top of their work…making sure it gets done on time and making sure the celebration happens accordingly.”

 As the 2018 St. Pat’s Celebration approaches, Kluesner said he is looking forward to seeing people from around town and further enjoying everything the board has put together.

“I’m looking forward to seeing so many people coming down,” he said. “I fell the atmosphere I’ve been around this year has been different than last year, it seems a lot more people want to be a part of the celebration.