The Rolla Public Works Department will be hosting a drop-in style open house this coming Monday, March 12 at the Centre. The open house is for residents to hear about the department’s 10-year Captiol Improvement Plan,

Some of the projects include the following: 
Move Rolla Transportation   Development District:

 - Highway 72 Extension
- Route E/1-44 Pedestrian Bridge
- University Drive Improvements
Kingshighway Improvements
- Route 63 Sidewalk Improvements

Integreated Management Plan for Municipal Stormwater and Wastewater: 

- Wastewater plant upgrades
- Collection system improvements
- Your role in protecting our watersheds

Bike and Pedestrian                 Improvement plan:

- The new Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee

- Expanding our Trail System

 - Proposed sidewalk improvements

- On-street bicycle facilities.

Residents are encouraged to stop by any time between 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., and visit with staff members to learn more about these projects and give their input. There will be displays for each of these projects for residents to view.

Projects outside of the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan will also be on display as well.