The Frisco League All-Conference honors have been released and Newburg was represented on both teams. The boys had two players named, while the girls had one.

Ryan Terry earned first team honors this season after leading Newburg in scoring with 19 points a game. The senior also pulled down 6.8 rebounds a game, dished out 4.5 assists a game and had 2.6 steals per game.

Landen Callahan earned a spot on the Honorable Mention list after a strong senior season. He had 16.5 points per game and shot 50 percent from the field. He also had 4.2 rebounds a game, 3.6 assists per game and averaged a steal a game. Both Callahan and Terry were also named to the All-District team 

The girls were represented by Kylie Brookshire. The senior was a force to be reckoned with this season, regularly recording double-doubles. She led Newburg in both scoring and rebounding on the season.


Boys 1 st Team

(CO-Coach of the Year) Phillip Gambill/Ben Glasgow

12. Ethyn Boorom- Crocker (MVP)

11. G.T. Nicholson-Licking

10. Grady Todd-Plato

9. Ryan Terry-Newburg

8. Carter Halley-Iberia

7. Trey Holzer-Dixon

6. Ethan Fagre-Richland

5. Willie Lunsford-Laquey

4. Cain Couch-Plato

3. Michael Milhizer-Licking

2. Adam Shockley-Crocker

1. Zane Hodges-Stoutland


Jake Pendergrass-Stoutland

Landen Callahan-Newburg

Zach Voss-Iberia

Walker Shelton-Dixon

GIRLS 1 st Team


12. Karlee Holland- Licking (MVP)

11. Morgan Moss-Richland

10. Janet Garrett-Plato

9. Kylie Brookshire-Newburg

8. Brittany Latham-Richland

7. Madi Mueller-Plato

6. Macey Connell-Crocker

5. Mackenzie Cook-Licking

4. Becca Looney-Stoutland

3. Dalrayn Feringa-Licking

2. Morgan Wall-Crocker

1. Lauren Gilbert-Dixon


Melanie Hubbs-Stoutland

Jessie Whittle-Richland

Jaycee Graves-Richland

Laney Rollins-Iberia