Not everyone can say they do what they love for a living, but one local resident is doing everything she can to make sure that one day, she call tell others she does just that while serving them a slice of something sweet.

Faith Humphrey wears several hats; restaurant server, beauty advisor and student, with the goal of trading all of them in someday to work as a full time baker. For her, working four jobs and attending East Central College’s culinary arts program is well worth the effort in order to achieve her dream of doing what she loves for a living.

Her decision to become a baker was made at a young age, according to Faith. She said  was inspired to find her passion at the age of eleven.

“I remember there was a guest speaker at my middle school,” Faith said, explaining how this speaker was able to tell students she had known what she wanted to do with her life when she was their age.

“I wanted to know that. So I started seeking out things I like,” Faith said.

She received her first taste of baking alongside her grandmother when she was young, following simple recipes. Her love of baking blossomed when taking a world food class in high school and enrolling in Rolla Technical Institute’s culinary program. She said the program helped confirm that not only was baking something she was able to do, as she learned the different techniques of baking and how to apply them, it was where her passion lay.

“I like the precision [of baking],” Faith explained. “WIth cooking, you mess up and usually there’s something you can do to fix it. With baking it’s a lot of extremely precise work. You have to know your measurements and if there is something wrong that you can fix, you have to have that knowledge. It’s almost like a scientific process for me.”

Faith strives to bake in her own time, but in order to achieve her dream of baking for a living, she has to juggle a schedule filled with four jobs and a full class load.

“It’s really hectic,” she said, explaining how sometimes, between her jobs and school, she’ll work around 60 hours a week.

Currently, Faith works as a server at Colton’s Steakhouse and a beauty advisor at Ulta, both in Washington, MO. When she’s not also attending class at East Central College’s Union, MO. campus, she drives to Rolla and St. James to work at Slice of Pie and at Public House Brewing Company as a pastry chef. She said her job at Public House is also an outlet for her to bake, which makes the driving worth it for her.

Faith said that part of being able to keep up with her busy schedule is prioritizing what she needs to do each day while staying positive that her hard work now will pay off later.

“It’s easy to get down and say that it’s not worth it, but I think it will be,” she said.

Eventually, Faith said she would like to have the freedom to experiment and try new techniques in the kitchen, and be able to spend all of her time baking, but doesn’t wish to own a bakery herself.


“I used to think that’s what I wanted to do, and as I started my actual training I realized that’s the last thing I would want to do, because once you open your own business you have to focus a lot more on the management side,” she said. “Most people who own their own bakeries end up spending so much time doing paperwork and training people...they don’t end up doing the thing they originally liked.” Faith said her goal is to bake for a living, and she intends to do just that, without letting anything else get in her way.


“Not very many people do what they like, and that’s just depressing,” she said, explaining that her goal is to be able to wake up each morning and be excited about her day.