A Rolla woman was arrested after attempting to escape police custody and the possession of a controlled substance. Tammy Hart, age 29 of Rolla, was initially arrested following a traffic accident which led to the discovery of a substance that field tested positive for heroin on her person.

The case’s reporting officer was dispatched to Glasphalt Bridge in Rolla on Feb. 20 for a traffic accident. According to the probable cause statement, it was reported that a female fell out of a blue Dodge truck. The female was able to get back into the trunk and the vehicle headed toward Rolla on County Road 3010, also according to the statement. Rolla City officers had the vehicle stopped on the county road and upon arrival, the reporting officer observed Tammy Hart in the passenger seat.

According to the probable cause statement, dispatch confirmed she had an active warrant through Probation and Parole for a Parole violation. After conducting a stop on the vehicle, and advising Hart of why she was being taken into custody, she was searched and was found to have a “metal tube with a screw in it,” in her hand.

The reporting officer collected the tube and field tested a brown substance found inside of it, according to the probable cause statement. The substance allegedly field tested positive for heroin.

At the time, Hart declined medical treatment from the on-scene ambulance, according to the probable cause statement, but did allow them to bandage her head.

The probable cause statement said Hart had a “severe cut across her nose and was bleeding from the right side of her head.” Her right eye was also swollen. According to the report, Hart was informed that she was being charged with possession of a controlled substance and was transported to Phelps County Jail.

Hart began requesting medical treatment upon pulling into the garage, said the probable cause statement. The reporting officer notified the jail supervisor, also telling them Hart previously declined to go to the emergency room with the ambulance at the time of her arrest. An officer was then assigned to take Hart to the emergency room, according to the probable cause statement. Hart was assisted to the transport vehicle, and the reporting officer noted in the probable cause statement it “appeared she was having trouble walking.”

The reporting officer was later informed Hart ran away from the transporting officer upon arriving at the Phelps County Emergency Room parking lot, according to the probable cause statement. Dispatch was notified and an officer pursued Hart on foot, chasing her towards 9th street.

A photo of Hart was sent to surrounding hospitals, and according to the probable cause statement, the Sullivan Emergency Room notified the department that Hart had been there. After contacting the Sullivan Police Department, they were able to locate and arrest Hart.