A Rolla man is charged in relation to two vehicle-related incidents last month. Chad King, age 32 of Rolla, is charged with tampering with a motor vehicle, resisting arrest and other similar charges.


The first event took place on Dec. 31 as Rolla officers responded to Lanes End Road for the report of tampering with a motor vehicle. According to the probable cause statement for the case, the suspect was believed to be stealing a black Chevrolet Cobalt.


The reporting officer stated in his report that upon arriving in the area, he observed a black Pontiac G6 fleeing north on Vichy Road. According to the probable cause statement, the officer initiated his lights in an attempt to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle allegedly began to evade, and according to the probable cause statement, proceeded to “wreck into the ditch near the intersection of Eagleson Drive and Vichy Road.


The probable cause statement said the vehicle still attempted to flee from law enforcement, traveling north on Vichy Road. The reported officer again initiated his lights and pursued the vehicle.


The vehicle ended up wrecking again on County Road 8400, according to the probable cause statement, and the suspect allegedly fled on foot in an unknown direction of travel.


The owner of the vehicle was contacted and he confirmed his vehicle, the 2009 Pontiac G6 had been stolen. The owner also reported his second vehicle had been broken into, and a Springfield XD .40 caliber pistol had been taken.


That same day, according to the probable cause statement, the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department responded to a burglary near the area of the crash involved in the pursuit. The burglary suspect allegedly told the homeowner he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and did not have a valid driver’s license. The suspect was detained by the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department and identified as Chad King. A photograph of King was sent to Rolla Police, who were able to identify King as the driver of the vehicle involved in the pursuit.


The second incident took place on Jan. 13, as a reporting officer was dispatched to the 500 block of South Bishop Avenue following a report of a stolen vehicle. The Communications staff advised the officer that the owner of a stolen 2013 Hundai Elantra had called, stating they were following the vehicle south down Bishop.


While responding to the area, the stolen vehicle allegedly turned east onto Lanning Lane. The officer traveled onto Rolla Street in an attempt to intercept the vehicle at the intersection of Rolla Street of Lanning Lane. However before he could make it to the intersection, the stolen vehicle turned south onto Rolla Street and continued traveling south, eventually turning west onto Little Oaks Road.


According to the case’s probable cause statement, Phelps County Deputies requested the reporting officer stop the vehicle as he began traveling into the county. Following the vehicle, the officer said he activated his patrol lights and and as he began to activate his siren, the stolen vehicle accelerated.


In the probable cause statement, the officer notes he observed the stolen vehicle “swerve back and force,” and said it appeared the driver was “struggling to maintain control of the vehicle.” The officer said the driver of the stolen vehicle almost wrecked several times.


As the vehicle turned onto County Road 5190, the stolen vehicle continued swerving and the driver lost control of the vehicle. According to the probable cause statement, the stolen vehicle “traveled off of the right side of the roadway and collided with a tree.”


The officer then exited his patrol vehicle, according to the probable cause statement, and commanded the drive to stay inside the vehicle. At this time, a white male, identified as Chad King, exited the driver side of the vehicle and allegedly began running. The probable cause statements said the officer identified himself as a police officer, after which King looked at him and continued running away.


The officer reports in his statement that he had prior knowledge of King having an active felony warrant out of Phelps County for Forgery. In response to King’s failure to stop, the officer reported he deployed his taser. He stated on probe appeared to collide with King’s back, but did not penetrate. According to the probable cause statement, King then tripped and fell. King then obeyed the officer’s instructions to stay on the ground and put his harms behind his back, according to the probable cause statement.


King was placed in handcuffs, with the Communications team again confirming the vehicle was stolen.


According to the probable cause statement, there was “heavy front end damage,”