The last year has been a year of change for the Rolla Daily News. In the coming weeks, the
RDN will be expanding staff, enhancing design and offering readers and advertisers new
products and services that will reflect a renewed commitment to quality.
Within the last six months the RDN has had the privilege of bringing on two driven Multimedia
Sales Executives. They have also welcomed a new face in our business office. The RDN also
invested in a new General Manager in Jason Lindsay. Lindsay comes from Northwest Iowa and
a group of newspapers accustomed to producing quality editorial content with an emphasis on
local news, design, and great promotional ideas and opportunities.
“When visiting the area for the first time I was eager at the opportunity in front of me seeing the
great local businesses as well as a beautiful community,” Lindsay said.
Since his first weeks in Rolla, Lindsay has been working diligently with the staff to make
improvements to our products. “You may have noticed subtle changes in the design of our
magazines and ads, in addition to a few layout changes.
The most notable change you will see thus far is today’s edition, which is the official rollout of
our new design.” Lindsay said. “ Using the fresh design as a step towards the future of the Rolla
Daily News, readers can also expect numerous other great changes in the coming months.”
By early March, subscribers will have the opportunity to read their paper online in the form of an
e-edition. This online edition is a great opportunity for our readers to get their content from their
phone, computer, or tablet while still having the print edition if they choose. This option will

come at no additional charge to subscribers, future subscribers can also subscribe to the e-
edition alone as well.

In addition to the e-edition, the community can expect to see new promotions, fresh/clean
design in our products/publications as well as our ads, and more local content.
“The staff at the RDN is very talented, they continue to step up to the challenges,” Lindsay said.
“I look forward to working with them to further to enhance their skills and deliver quality content

to our subscribers and area businesses.”
As part of the work in the RDN newsroom readers can expect to see enhanced coverage on
school news, business news, and more in depth coverage on issues that matter to you. In the
coming weeks the RDN will be bringing on an additional reporter who will help the editorial staff
handle the workload.
The Advertising Department is also a point of attention for Jason as he has over 10 years in
sales himself and 5 years in Sales/Advertising Management.
“We recognize there are points of concern from periods of transition throughout the previous
year the sales department has changed,. It is my goal and intent to work hand in hand with the
sales team to ensure we make positive changes, as well as develop systems to ensure our
client’s needs are taken care of in a timely manner each and every time.,” Lindsay said.
The focus for everyone at the RDN is to offer outstanding customer service and solutions that
deliver results to your door. As new promotions are rolled out, advertisers willl see there is
opportunity every business, even those with the smallest budget for messaging. The RDN team
is being trained to work with area businesses and deliver solutions that are targeted to their
needs and reaching the audience they desire. As technology advances, so does the messaging
avenues available to area businesses. The sales and editorial teams are continually working on
delivering the news and advertising through digital means and to the hands of our readers and
area customer base. “The opportunity available through the RDN are incredible and can truly
deliver messaging to the right customers at the right time no matter where they are.”
As the Rolla Daily News staff continues to work intensely to deliver a quality and accurate
product to Rolla and the surrounding community we ask that you please offer us your feedback.
“Our subscribers and area businesses are the reason we are here, without you there would be
no RDN and we want to ensure we are delivering you a product that you look forward to
reading, advertise in, and rely on for what is going on in Rolla and the surrounding area.,”
Lindsay said.
The Rolla Daily News has been part of the area since 1870, through those years one thing has
remained constant and that is the focus on quality journalism and the communities we cover. As
the RDN looks to the future they continue to adjust their messaging vehicles to ensure readers
and advertisers get their news where they are looking for it and when they want it.
“I understand that as an organization welcomes in a new face the message from them is always
the same in that change is coming. After speaking with a few area businesses it was apparent
that the work needed to start in house, which is the approach that I took. As they say, the proof
is in the pudding so if you would like to see these changes in motion I welcome you into our
office and see the changes taking place thus far.,” Lindsay said.
Jason and the staff are excited with what the future holds for the RDN team and the
community of Rolla.