Newburg High School wrapped up their girls tournament on Saturday, Feb. 3.

7th Place - 5 Newburg Lady Wolves vs 5 Bourbon Lady Warhawk

The Lady Wolves picked up a big win over the Lady Warhawks to win the seventh place game of the tournament.

Newburg took an early 20-4 lead after the first quarter of a great shooting performance. The Lady Wolves were once again able to outscore the Bourbon girls in the second period 9-6. The home Lady Wolves were able to take 29-10 lead going into halftime.

The Lady Warhawks were able to get their first win for a period as they outscored the Newburg 10-6 in the third period. The Lady Wolves lead 35-20 after three periods of the game. The Bourbon Girls tried to make a comeback in the final period but were unable gain the lead in the en as they out scored the Lady Wolves 9-5 in the period. The Newburg Lady Wolves won the seven place game 40-29.

The Newburg Lady Wolves played the Steelville Lady Cardinals on Monday and will travel to Crocker tonight..

The Bourbon Lady Warhawk hosted Crystal City on Monday and travel to Laquey on February 7th.

5th Place - 6 Laquey Lady Hornets vs 8 Springfield Rush

The Lady Hornets and the Springfield Rush both put on a good consolation game and the Rush were able to bring home the hardware.

The Rush took a 20-9 lead after the first period. The Springfield girls out scored laquey 7-5 in the second period. The Rush held a 27-14 going into halftime.

The Rush came out shooting string in the third quarter and outscore the Lady Hornets 17- 3 in the period. The Springfield Rush led 44-17 after the third period of play. The Rush continued to run away with it as they  were able to out score Laquey in the final period 13-2. The Springfield Rush won the consolation trophy 57-19 in a runaway win.

The Laquey Lady Hornets Traveled to Bell on Monday and will host Bourbon on February 7th. 

3rd Place - 3 Crocker Lady Lions vs 4 Dixon Lady Bulldogs

The Dixon and Crocker girls have played each other twice already this season. They were tied 1-1 on the season coming into the game.

The Dixon Lady Bulldogs began the game by taking a 14-12 lead after the first period. The Dixon girls were led in scoring by Lauren Gilbert in the period with eight points. The Lady Lions were led by Morgan Wall with nine points in the quarter.

The Crocker Lady Lions were able to return the favor in the second period as they outscored the Lady Bulldogs 17-15. Both Mariah Dean and Wall scored four points each in the quarter. The Lady Bulldogs were led by Tressa Hughes scored nine points in the period including making all four of her free throws. Both the Lady Lions and Lady Bulldogs were tied 29-29 going into halftime.

The Lady Lions outscore the Lady Bulldogs 21-11 in the third quarter. The Lady Lions were led by by Abigail Posten with eight points. The Lady Bulldogs had five girls that scored for them in the quarter. The Crocker Lady Lions took their first lead of the game in the third period as they led 50-40.

The Dixon Lady Bulldogs tried to make a late game comeback by out scoring the Lady Lions 15-8 in the final period of the game. The Lady Bulldogs had six girls score in the period as they tried to come back. The Crocker girls had three players that scored in the final period. The Crocker Lady Lions captured the third place paque by a score of 58-55.

Kaitlyn Gambill said this after the win Saturday Night, “It was a great accomplishment for my teammates and myself to finish out our last tournament of the season with a win. Being seniors it was a special win for Lindsey and I to take home a trophy in our last tournament. One thing is for sure, all of us out there play with full heart and I think that's what got us to where we are.”

The Crocker Lady Lions were led in the game by Mogan Wall with nineteen points in the third place win. Abigail Posten added thirteen points and Kaitlyn Gambill scored ten points in the win. Macey Connell scored six points for the Lady Lions. Both Lindsey Parrish and Mariah Dean scored five points each to contribute in the winning effort.

The Dixon Lady Bulldogs were led in the game by Tressa Hughes with nineteen points and Lauren Gilbert also added thirteen points in the close loss. Brittany Koch scored seven points and Taylor Mckinnon added six points. Amy Wade scored four points in the loss. Both Brook Sinclair and Izzy Thiltgen score two points for the Lady Bulldogs.

The Crocker Lady Lions will be against the Newburg lady Wolves tonight at Crocker High School.

The Dixon Lady Bulldogs played the Conway Lady Bears last night and will host the Licking Lady Wildcats on February 12th. 

Championship - 1 Richland Lady Bears vs 2 Steelville Lady Cardinals

The Steelville Lady Cardinals began the game strong by out scoring the Lady Bears 13-3 in the first period. Both Alyssa Church and Lydia Seylor combined for nine points in the first period. Morgan Moss led the Richland girls with all three points in the quarter.

The Lady Cardinals continued to increase their led in the second quarter as they outscored the Richland girls 16-7. The Steelville girls were led in the period by both Kaylee Hutson and Hannah Cottrell as they combined for eleven points combined. Katelyn Cok, Brittany Latham, and Moss all scored at lead two points in the periods for Richland. The Lady Cardinals led 29-10 at halftime.

The Lady Bears came out shooting strong and out scored the Lady Cardinals 14-4 in the third quarter. Moss led the Lady Bears in a big way with eight points during the quarter. The Lady Cardinals were led in scoring by Sydney Booker which scored all of their points of the quarter. The Steelville girls led 33-24 after three periods of play.

The Lady Cardinals were able to hold on in the final period and outscore the Lady Bears 14-13 at the end of the game. Cottrell made an impressive effort from the free throw line she scored six of eight shots. The Lady Bears were both led by Moss and Latham who both scored eight points combined in the attempted comeback effort. The Steelville Lady Cardinals won the 2018 Tournament Title with the 47-37 win.

Head Richland Lady Bears Girls Basketball Coach said this after the game, “I thought our girls came out the first two games, played hard, and everyone contributed. Going into Saturday against Steelville we came out and forced passes that led to too many turnovers. We went down nineteen in the first half and anytime you spot a good team nineteen points, you’re going to be in for a long night. I was pleased with my girls for not giving up and fighting back in the second half. We cut it to 6, but just dug ourself too big of a hole to overcome. Now we just have to put it behind us and focus on the next two weeks and try and work to reach that ultimate goal of a district title.”

The Lady Bears were led in scoring by Morgan Moss with twenty points in the close loss. Brittany Latham was just behind her with ten points in the championship. Kaitlyn Cok scored three points. Both Jaycee Graves and Jessi Whittle added two points each.

The Lady Cardinals were led in the championship effort by Hannah Cottrell with fourteen points. Both Alysa Church and Abby Booker added seven points in game. Lydia Seylor and Sydney Booker both scored six points in the winning effort. Kaylee Hutson added five points on two baskets. Faith Bair scored a basket for the Lady Cardinals to help them win the Newburg Tournament Championship.

The Richland Lady Bears travel to Wheatland tonight and travel to Newburg on February 8th.

The Steelville Lady Cardinals traveled to Newburg last night and travel to Viburnum tonight.

All Tournament Team

The 2018 All Newburg Tournament Team was Morgan Wall and Macey Connell from Crocker Lady Lions. The Dixon Lady Bulldogs were represented by Tressa Hughes. The Springfield Rush were represented by Megan Whitaker. The Richland Lady Bears were represented by several girls. Morgan Moss, Brittany Latham, and Jessi Whittle all represented Richland. Kylee Brookshire represented the home Lady Wolves to make the team. The tournament champion Steelville Lady Cardinals also had several girls on the team. There were led by tournament MVP Hannah Cottrell. The Lady Cardinals were also represented by Abby Booker and Sydney Booker.

The Bourbon Lady Warhawks were selected to receive the Sportsmanship Award.