UPDATE: The OCSD has since canceled the advisory. Thanks to anyone who may have sent them any information.

The Oregon County Sheriff's Department has issued an Endangered SILVER Advisory for a missing adult incident that occurred at RR 72 Box 2904-1 , Alton, Missouri at noon on Feb. 3.

The endangered SILVER advisory missing adult is:

Huskey, Eugene Roy, a white male, age 73, height 510, 200 lbs, grey hair, brown eyes, wearing flannel shirt, jacket with checks design with hood, and jeans. 

Diagnosed Medical Conditions include Hypoglycemia, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and an specified heart issue, according to a release issued by the Oregon County Sheriff's Department.

Eugene Roy Huskey was last seen at Feb. 3 at around 12pm and found missing at 3:30pm same date. Eugene is driving a white 1993 Ford F150 license plate number 29A9EK, with Silver Cap. Eugene does have a cabin on Reemes Road near Centralia, MO. Eugene would take MO 19 to 60 to 63 in Rolla, MO to Interstate 70.

Anyone seeing the missing person, suspect, associate, or vehicle, or anyone having any information related to the endangered missing person should immediately dial 911 to contact the nearest law enforcement agency or call the Oregon County Sheriff's Department at 417-778-7888.