Fine Linen Theatre is ready to present their newest show, Daddy Long Legs, and it’s not an event to be missed.

Fine Linen Theatre is ready to present their newest show, Daddy Long Legs, and it’s not an event to be missed.

The two-person musical is based on a book published in 1912 by the same name, which tells the story of young Jerusha Abott, “the oldest orphan in the John Grier Home,” through the letters she writes to her mysterious benefactor, whom she affectionately dubs “Daddy Long Legs,” since his true name is kept secret. The musical keeps this point of view, and all of the music and dialogue comes from the letters, with many lines taken directly from the original text, according to Director Kim Nisbett.

Anna Nisbett and Ryan Farmer play the only two characters, with Anna stepping in as Jerusha, and Ryan taking the part of Daddy Long Legs, truthfully known as Jervis Pendleton. They remain the subject of the audience’s attention for the entire show, and don’t disappoint for a second.

As Jerusha, Anna Nisbett gets a workout dashing across the stage, arranging the minimal set pieces to match the scenes herself, and rarely gets a break to rest her voice. If at any point she feels tired, it doesn’t show onstage, and she fills each scene with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

With each scene stemming from one of her letters, potential theatre goers might be afraid of the story growing monotonous, but Nisbett delivers in such a way to bring every letter into the present and give each one it’s own interpretation, making every scene fresh.

Ryan Farmer, as Jervis Pendleton, compliments Anna from a distance for the majority of the shows he reads, and more often sings, her letters out loud. Farmer makes a point to emphasize Pendleton’s quick wit and despite being confined to a small portion of the stage for much of the show, boasts high energy. Farmer’s dialogue is no different from Anna’s, coming entirely from Jerusha’s letters. Since his words are for the most part someone else, he relies on strong facial expressions and reactions to convey his character to the audience, a feat he accomplishes with style.

Being a two-person musical, there’s a lot of pressure to fill the stage on their own, with only their two voices to rely on. Both Anna and Ryan do a wonderful job of making up for the lack of a supporting cast and have no trouble being the center musical stars. Anna’s warm tones beautifully compliment Ryan’s exciting vibrato and the two blend in several moments throughout the show. Likewise, the pair is compliment by a small orchestra, made up of only a cello, piano and guitar. The instrumental talent also has no trouble filling the room on their own.

Fine Linen regularly commits to building quality sets for their productions, and Daddy Long Legs is no exception. With this musical, the set feels almost like another character, lovingly wrapped around Anna and Ryan. Despite being a static set, with no pieces moving on or off stage, large differences in tone and theme are made thanks to only a few subtle changes in the show. The moving of a trunk, the opening of a window and the dimming of a light all do wonders to shift the audience’s viewpoints somewhere else.

It should also be mentioned, that despite being a two-person show, over 44 people contributed to the production, designing costumes and lighting, and to bring the set to life. Their hard work is felt throughout the show, even if their faces aren’t to be seen onstage.

Daddy Long Legs premiers this Friday, Jan. 19 at 7 p.m.. Tickets can be purchased at There is another show this Saturday, Jan. 20 at the same time, and several shows next week, Thursday through Saturday.