The Newburg PTA recently held a raffle to support several beautification projects at the school, as well as various teacher’s needs in the classroom. The winner of the raffle received a “supermarket sweep shopping spree,” according to a release sent by Newburg Superintendent, Dr. Lynne Reed.

The winning ticket, drawn from 112, belonged to Richard Hines’, who Dr. Reed said has several grandchildren in the district. Hines purchased a single $10 ticket and one the almost 1-in-100 chance to have a three-minute shopping spree at Kroger in Rolla, funded by the PTA.

Hines was able to fill his shopping cart with as many groceries as possible, making sure to grab some chocolate milk for his grandkids.

“It was very fun,” said Dr. Reed.

There were some limitations on the shopping spree, such as Hine’s only being allowed a certain amount of meat products. He was still able to grab $444.28 in groceries in the three minutes allowed to him. Hines reduced this by using his Kroger card, according to Dr. Reed, bringing the total down to $308.97. This gave the Newburg PTA a higher profit for the event.

“I think Richard took it easy on us,” said Dr. Reed in an email. The funds leftover from the shopping spree were placed in the PTA’s fund, giving them $781 to support different beautification projects at the school and meet the needs of teachers.

According to Dr. Reed, the staff and faculty of Newburg have been making several strides in making their campus a more appealing place. Dr. Reed said she and several school staff and faculty members took a hour walk around the building earlier in the school year, making a list of tasks to be accomplished.

“It’s just like owning a house,” said Dr. Reed. “You have to keep up with that stuff.”

Dr. Reed said many of these tasks are inexpensive, but have a high impact, such as painting bathrooms and the fence in front of the school. The only obstacle to completing these tasks is time, since school custodians don’t have the time during the day to get to many of them.

Tasks on the school’s list include improving the exterior lighting surrounding the school, power washing several locations, and more paintwork in several bathrooms. Some work has already been done on the baseball field, according to Dr. Reed, having been accomplished earlier in the year. However there is still more to do there, such as adding new dirt to the field.

Teachers and other staff are being encouraged to participate in some of these beautification projects as part of a larger incentive plan. Dr. Reed said the school has incorporated a point-system, where employees can accomplish certain tasks to earn points, which can earn them a bonus on a future paycheck. Beautification projects are part of this list.

The PTA will consider a list of projects to fund during their next meeting, which will take place in early February, according to Dr. Reed. The PTA will also look at different needs to be addressed in the classrooms, submitted by different teachers. For example, some are considering adding alternative seating to their classrooms, allowing students to use items such as exercise balls or cushions to sit on rather than a typical chair to help them concentrate in class.

The goal for these projects, as well as the needs submitted by teachers, are to make Newburg not only a more visually appealing place of learning, but to help the students fit in more comfortably and confidently as well.