The Rolla Police Department and Rolla Public School faculty had a great time squaring off in a friendly game of basketball last Friday, Jan 12. The proceeds from the game went to benefit Rolla’s Special Olympics, and several Special Olympics athletes were honored at the game, leading a small parade at the beginning.

The Faculty put up a fight throughout the game, but the Fuzz won with a final score of 78-35.

Stacey Smith, communications chief for Rolla Central Communications gave a few notes on the night.

“Reminiscent  of Michael Jordan’s ‘flu game’ performance of 1997, Alex ‘A Will’ gave an awesome performance despite being sick,” said Smith. “He left every own of energy that he had on the court and inspired teh Fuzz to play on to victory.”

Smith added the team’s coach, Doug James, was always on top of his game.

“He did an amazing job of building such a cohesive team of talented players in short time,” she said. “Always the class act, Coach James gave all the credit to his players. He also complimented the tough play of the Faculty team.”

Chris Giacolone, whom Smith listed as “the big man for the Fuzz,” fouled out in the third period. Sgt. Lauth and Honorary Officer Trevor Kennedy cuffed him and took him to the side lines for the foul.

“I am sure Coach James straightened him out,” joked Smith.

One player, Josh “Kentucky” Nix, played with an injury but still made several important shots when they counted.

When asked about how the night went, Sgt. Lauth, who is also the regional coordinator for the Special Olympics, said the turnout was amazing, and in his opening remarks said he would like to see it become an annual event.