P.E.Principal Jack Mentink of Integrity Engineering, Inc. and Phelps County Commissioner Gary Hicks (D-2) opened closed bids for the old jail renovation Friday morning at the county courthouse, during an irregular open commission meeting.  MSI Constructors of Springfield, Mo. had the low bid of $2,033,604.00 followed by Bales Construction Co. from Waynesville, with a bid of $2,118,000.00. The highest bid came from Septagon Construction based in Jefferson City—$2420,185.00. There was a difference of $386,581 between the lowest and highest bids.
“We will start with the low bid and pre-qualify that one first to see if the company is acceptable, if not, then we go to number two,” said Mentink.
Mentink acknowledged the bids were higher than they anticipated—about 12 percent more.
“But everyone saw the same project and they (the bids) were very, very tight on the numbers,” he said. “That’s what it’s going to cost to do the project.”

The bid opening was delayed a day because an addendum was added. “In the bidding process, many times, clarifications come up, so you put out an addendum which changes the contract documents that everybody is bidding on. We issued addendum three about 22 hours prior to the original bid date (expiration). Mentink said you can’t issue an addendum within the last day of the bid, unless you extend the bid to give contractors time to look at the addendum.
“I extended it one day, and that way, we were within the one-day window of what my contract documents say,” he explained. “It was to be in compliance of the bidding procedure we set up for the project.”

Once the low bid and bidding company are checked out, they have 10 days to get back with Integrity Engineering with proof of insurance, performance bond paperwork and sign the contracts. A notice to proceed is then issued, which starts the project clock.
“I’m anticipating that to be a three-week period (before the notice to proceed),” said Mentink. The project has 210 calendar days to complete the project.

Bids - lowest to highest

1. $2,033,604.00 - MSI Constructors, Springfield, Mo.

2. $2,118,000.00 - Bales Construction Co., Waynesville, Mo.

3. $2,130,000.00 - Cahill’s Construction, Inc., Rolla

4. $2,172,606.00 - GBH Builders, Inc., Jefferson City, Mo.

5. $2,284,132.15 - Thomas Construction Co., Osage Beach, Mo.

6. $2,420,185.00 - Septagon Construction Co., Inc., Jefferson City, Mo.