Editor’s note: This has not been edited by RDN to preserve the original meaning and context of the author.

The Sun in Cherokee culture is symbolized by The Flower and is a symbol to represent not only the life it creates and sustains, but also as a great communicator to send messages.
Many are watching as the Moon chases the Sun across the Sky these days. In Cherokee Tradition, The Moon is Kanati’, the Great Hunter who has fallen in love with a Star Maiden, The Sun. Kanati’ keeps trying to woo his precious love, but the beautiful Star Maiden is never where he looks. To add to this problem, Kanati’ cannot find a home, a space in which they can occupy together. Kanat’ keeps searching for her. On the day of this past Lunar Eclipse the symbols of this story appear to have come to life as Kanati’ and his love are together for a time and we will see them together once again on August 21st.
Just as Kanat’ and his Star Maiden search for a “Home”, or space to occupy together, so do we, the Southern Cherokee Indian Tribe. We have not had our own home in over 142 years. The Southern Cherokee Cultural Center was formed to help us, among other things, to realize this hope.
May we all keep these symbols of Hope and Love as the Moon chases the Sun within our thoughts and hearts as we envision our New Home that we are all struggling to bring to fruition. There is a lot to be said for Positive Thoughts. Words are Indeed Power. In the Old Cherokee Tradition everything we think, do or say affects someone up to seven (7) generations in front of you. Let’s all try to envision a new home for the Southern Cherokee Indian Tribe to last for many years to come that we can expand and grow in.